Steve Pieczenik Ballots (Nov) Ballots Were Watermarked!

Steve Pieczenik Ballots (Nov) Ballots Were Watermarked!

Steve Pieczenik Ballots (Nov) Ballots Were Watermarked! >> Please read this article that tells you about the election fraud that held through false ballots.

Hey there, as we all are aware of the election between Trump, and Biden has gained the whole world’s attention at present. Please stay tuned to Steve Pieczenik Ballots to get all the updated news about the scenario.

Steve Pieczenik had made many statements regarding the election’s ballots and claimed to have an idea about it. The people from different countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom shared opinions on the social platform.

This article shares the essential details related to watermarked ballots and the meticulous planning behind the violent video deleted by the portal due to crossing the term and conditions.

The Facts behind the Sting Operation

According to Steve Pieczenik Ballots, some realistic points share the main motive of this sting operation.

  • Steve claimed that he and Trump knew everything about this operation.
  • He claimed that the ballots were watermarked, and the team has full knowledge about polls’ location.
  • This watermarking’s primary motive, including #QFS, is to save the election from being stolen.
  • The portal has the patent for the QFS blockchain to catch all the fraud democrats.
  • The illegal ballots and late ballots are part of this democrats fraud claimed with this sting operation’s help.
  • The procedure also mentioned that many dead people votes were found in the panel, which is an apparent voting corruption.
  • Many peoples followed the sting operation and also reacted to see all the facts behind the invisible marks.
  • The watermark is the signature that can be easily tracked, and the vote having no watermark is counted fraud.

What is The War Room Video?

The war room video was officially deleted from the portal as it contains the violence against the system.

In this video, Dr. Steve Pieczenik shared and mentioned the prominent team member and its agenda. He just spoke about fake people affecting the results of the election. 

Steve Pieczenik Ballots also shared the watermark used by them, which is only seen is some special light distinguished between the legit and fraud ballots. Due to the high violent words that include the threat of fake voters, the video was removed.

Many people were confused about the invisible mark and found that it can be just a rumor, but the war room video gave a clear picture and planning behind the QFS.


In this post, the information about Steve Pieczenik Ballots forms the clear picture regarding corruption in the voting panel. 

The sting operation team assured the arrest of the people who are involved in fake voting. According to the survey, the government knew about cheating, and they found the excellent way of watermarking the ballots to solve this issue.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Senior Policy Planner under Secretary Henry Kissinger. A person is holding such a great position and working for many years, claiming that operation contains some facts. 

All readers are requested to leave feedback in the comments section sharing the opinion about this sting operation of Steve Pieczenik Ballots.

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