Blackprosale Scam (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Deal or Not?

Blackprosale Scam (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Deal or Not?

Blackprosale Scam (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Deal or Not? >> This article gives detailed information about an eShop that sells unique power tools for your indoor and outdoor spaces. 

We all need DIY tools for making our lives easier, isn’t it? What about an eStore that claims to sell hand tools, battery, accessories, cordless drill, an all-in-one carrying case, and much more?

It seems to be a dream come true for people who are high on fixing appliances and home products independently.

Blackprosale is a store in the United States that claims to be proudly providing innovative solutions with its tools for more than 100 years.

And even today, this online store keeps adding modern tools and accessories to its ever-growing stock.

Sounds revolutionary! The following article Blackprosale Scam will tell us whether this store is right to its claims or not.

What is Blackprosale?

Blackprosale is a storehouse of high-tech tools and tool kits.

The company claims to have risen from a simple machine shop in Baltimore to a leading-edge store. 

Blackprosale seems to be a pioneering name that has built its reputation through decades of hard work and innovative products.

One can buy lawn plus garden tools and accessories as well as state-of-the-art power tools at their website.

Batteries, chargers, blowers, combo kits, gardening tools, hedge trimmers, mowers, string trimmers, and woodcutting tools- you name it, and they have it!

Among Power Tools, one can find Drilling Tools, Inflators, Powered Screwdrivers, Project Kits, Sanders, and Saws.

However, we advise that you read the final verdict of Blackprosale Scam to know the authenticity of this brand.

Before that, let us gather some essential details of Blackprosale and the items that it sells.

Specifications of Blackprosale:

  • Product- Power tools and tool kits
  • Website-
  • Parent company- Blackprosale
  • Address- 199 SE 193rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97233, United States
  • Email-
  • Contact no- not given.
  • Shipping time- 10 to 22 days
  • Shipping fee- The shipping fee of $20 is applicable for orders under $49.99, free delivery only for orders over $50
  • Exchanges/Returns- 30 days from receiving the product
  • Refunds- within 7-14 business days of receiving the returns
  • Mode of Payment- PayPal, Debit or credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and other major credit cards

Pros of Blackprosale: 

  • A fantastic stock of tools and tools kits
  • Products are fairly priced
  • The customers can track orders through their website.

Cons of Blackprosale:

  • Only orders above $50 have free shipping.
  • The website has grammatical errors that are hard to ignore
  • The customer bears all return shipping costs.
  • They only ship in the United States. 

Is Blackprosale Scam or not? 

On carefully navigating through their website, certain red flags paint a not-so-rosy picture of the store.

First, the “About Us” page has only three lines of information. There is no mention of the products or owner of the company.

All this information seems to be incomplete and vague.

Blackprosale seems to be using the morphed version of the reputable brand “Black and Decker” to promote its website. 

The company displays the “Black + Decker” name on its webpages.

Why would a distinguished and legit brand try to use the name of another renowned brand to promote itself? 

This looks like a clear-cut case of scam.

We request you to be patient enough to read our final verdict to know what we have to say about Blackprosale finally.

Customer reviews on Blackprosale:

Customer reviews will help us get an answer to Is Blackprosale Scam or not? Let us explore what they have to say about the store.

It is strange that despite having such a fantastic variety of tools, one cannot find a single customer review on Blackprosale.

Even the online search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others cannot generate any information on the online store.

Whatever little information you can find on the Internet about this store is not at all appealing.

Final verdict:

In the above light, we are highly suspicious about Blackprosale. It does seem to an untrustworthy store.

Therefore, we must conclude the article Blackprosale Scam by saying that the store is a dubious one. 

Our advice is to refrain from making purchases at this online store.

On the contrary, if you feel otherwise, you are welcome to share your viewpoint here. Please post your comments so that customers know Blackprosale better before deciding to shop here.

0 thoughts on “Blackprosale Scam (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Deal or Not?

  1. I placed an order with them . 1000 pc Husky Mechanics Tool set for $65 . Ordered 2 of them . Seller provided no Sale Confirmation at all . Cannot contact them . I’m now convinced this is a scam .

  2. Placed order in November. Gave card information and page said order complete. No confirmation number nor email acknowledgement. Also haven’t received order. SCAM!!! Note: same 1025 PC. set of Husky tools advertised on other sites also Scams.

  3. This Is a definite scam I ordered the Husky mechanics tool set 11/26/2020 I did get a tracking number from China Post!
    thank god I used paypal for the transaction – as far as I can tell the package was shipped from China and I should have known better than to order something that heavy with free shipping being sent so far – any way what I got in the mail with the same tracking number on the package was a pair of cheap $0.50 sunglasses on 12/11/2020.
    I did file a dispute/complaint with paypal and waiting to see if blackpro responds buyer beware if it sounds to good to be true don’t buy it!

  4. To whom it may concern on November 26,220,I ordered a toolset of 1125 pieces I didn’t receive a email or merchandise I do have a order #
    Thank you

  5. We bought a large set of tools back around Black Friday. First of all, there was no receipt-style bill sent to the email we provided. After a few weeks, we reached out for tracking and shipping information. they provided us with a tracking number but said it would take a few days for the information to be posted on the postal services tracking program. Interestingly, it took 5 days for it to get posted, which let us believe that the company hadn’t actually sent the package during the first 3 weeks of us waiting, and only sent something once we requested information via our email message. The tracking information, for China postal, showed that the product was leaving China. It took nearly 4 weeks to arrive. Once I received the package, I realized there was again an error. We had ordered a bunch of tools, but the package showed that a “glasses cover” was sent and the wait on the package was minimal. Even though they got the address, name, and order number correct on the packaging, they sent me something that was useless and cheap. Even the cost of the equipment didn’t match my order. I haven’t yet open the package, but I emailed them back telling them of their error and providing photos. they apologized blaming their logistics department, but I told them that the damage is already done and I would rather them just refund me my costs as I don’t have the patience to wait another 2 months for them to try to get things right (and during which my credit card consumer protection/refund guarantee would expire). It is hard not to feel like they play the long shipping and processing game in the hope that you can’t reach them or that the package arrives so late that whatever payment method is used no longer allows for refunds or disputes.

    Unfortunately, this company seems to make the country of China look terrible with regards to being able to hold to a decent quality system and fulfill orders on the international market.

  6. I also too bought a 1000+ husky tool set for 66.00 with hopes of receiving it and like the gentlemen b4 me was shipped a cheap pair of sunglasses thank God I used PayPal tatal scam to good to be true

  7. I also took adventure of the same deal. My fault for a deal too good to be legit.
    In lieu of the tool set, I received an envelope full of 10 KN95 masks from China. I promptly threw them in the garbage. I assume they sent that so there is a tracking number to follow.

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