Birkirabiryuva Org TR (Nov) A Scam Or Not?

Birkirabiryuva Org TR (Nov) A Scam Or Not?

Birkirabiryuva Org TR (Nov) A Scam Or Not? >> Find out the website that helps people to get home after disasters in Turkey.

The world is facing a lot of trouble. No matter which part of the world you stay in, you have your share of problems. In the past few months, we all have been facing lockdown and are troubled because of loss of income. The recent earthquake in Turkey has killed a large number of people. Residents of the country are coming ahead to support the needy. 

Whenever natural disasters like this happen, several people become homeless and find it difficult to survive. In such cases, people with the support NGOs come ahead to support the needy. However, it becomes tough to find the right data of individuals who need your support. 

Birkirabiryuva Org TR is one such website that provides support to the ones suffering from troubles. 

What is Bir Kira bir yuva?

The website was created more than seven years ago to provide people affected by natural disasters or any other situation. The website, Birkirabiryuva Org TR was formed with the cooperation of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. It is connected with NGO and disaster platforms to offer help to the ones who need it

There have been a lot of websites available, but not all of them do the work it does for helping the people of Izmir. It is one of the largest municipal corporations in Turkey, which is known for its archeological sites. The foundation is a government entity that works for the betterment of society. 

Why is it essential?

Whenever people come across natural disasters, many cheaters take money from people to help the needy but use that money for their benefits. Therefore, the ones who require support end up losing their lives. To overcome troubles or situations, Birkirabiryuva Org TR was formed. 

As per the data available on the website, it has supported six hundred and eighty-six homeless people to get home, helped one thousand thirty-three individuals to find a place for sleep. Besides, it has served more than eleven thousand people with food and other essential items. 

How to utilize benefits from it?

With Birkirabiryuva Org TR, the government providing support to the citizens who require homes after the recent disaster and offer a helping hand to the ones who need it badly. To get the support, individuals need to log on to the website and fill the form mentioning their home needs. You can also update the information if you are ready to lease out your place for the ones suffering from troubles. 

Individuals who want to rent out their property can share the amount they are expecting in return. As soon as you enter the details, the team connects with you for further discussion. 

Final Words

After any natural disaster, several people become homeless and struggle to spend their life. As a result, recent earthquake many people lost their lives and struggled to get a place to sleep. Birkirabiryuva Org TR provides support to such people who become homeless after the disasters. 

If you have any information to share about this Turkey-based website, do mention the details in the comment section. 

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