Bio Supply co Reviews [April] – Should Anyone Buy From It?

Bio Supply co Reviews [April] – Should Anyone Buy From It?

Bio Supply co Reviews [April] – Should Anyone Buy From It? -> The post gives the review of an online store that sells bioproducts.

If you are reading this review, then you have either been searching for good blood pressure monitors or oximeters! 

This Bio Supply co Reviews will help you gather information regarding a new brand that is selling that enables you to give yourself regular check-ups. 

With the years and development in technology, your average thermometer, too has seen some changes. It is now available as a digital meter that can tell you your temperature without any contact at all. 

The Bio supply co website has been doing the rounds in the United States. But is it worth your money? Or, like many others just duping you? You will find that out by reading this review until the very end. 

What is Bio Supply co? 

This website deals with four major products that can be used to measure the temperature, oxygen levels, blood pressure, and even hear your baby’s heartbeat. It deals with wellness and prevention.

The home page is very millennial, meaning that the fonts, as well as the color schemes used in the display, are enticing but not exaggerated. Bio supply co provides clear and concise details regarding the majority of the things a customer requires.

What products is Bio Supply co selling? 

This online retailer majorly sells bio-related products. Four of which are mentioned below-

  • Oximeter- it is a device that helps users monitors their blood oxygen levels. The device can check that for you in the confines of your home in seconds. The brand claims that this product is non-invasive and will give you a reading painlessly. It is board certified and will make a perfect gift for athletes, patients with sleep apnea, and others after doctor prescription. The Bio supply co website offers it in adult and pediatric options. 
  • Thermometer- this device offers a quick and easy way to check somebody’s temperature without touching the person. It comes with color-coded alarms where red will denote a high temperature. It is especially perfect for kids. 
  • Blood Pressure Monitor- gone are the days when you had to visit a doctor to check your blood pressure. This product requires you to wrap it around your wrist like a band to give quick and accurate readings. 
  • Fetal Dropper- this device by the bio supply co is perfect for mommies to be! The LCD screen on the invention allows the mother to hear and see the baby’s heartbeat in real-time. It is best used after the 12th week of pregnancy to get accurate results. 

is Bio Supply co legit or scam?

is Bio Supply co legit or scam? This is the most asked question! 

  • For a website to be legit, it must have an SSL certificate, which it does. This certificate makes sure that a third party is accessing none of your information. 
  • If you click on the lock icon, which is right next to the website URL, you will notice that for this site to access any personal information, you will need to change settings manually. 
  • The layout and design of Bio Supply Co is clean, crisp, and personal. It looks like somebody put in actual effort to make it. 
  • It provides clear and concise shipping details. It gives a first-time purchaser ample detail. 
  • The contact details miss out on the phone number but do provide an address as well as an email id. 
  • Although they do not offer a lot of products at the moment, the details along with the pictures provided of each product help give clarity.
  • You can pay through visa card, Amex, master card, apple pay, and even google pay to purchase any of the products on the Bio Supply co website

The website still needs some work, but all in all, it does not look like a scam. 

How to purchase from Bio Supply Co? 

They provide worldwide shipping and depending on the country, an estimate of the number of days is mentioned in the “Shipping & Delivery” section. 

The customer care section provides users with a 

Email id-  and an 

Address- BIO Supply Co.

 321 W 2nd. St

 Casper, WY, 82601

 United States

Final Verdict- 

Although the site could use a few more changes and the addition of more product ranges, it seems legit. If you feel the price is right and fitting in your budget, then you can purchase the products from Bio Supply Co.

If you have purchased products from this site, then share your experience with us in the comments below! 

0 thoughts on “Bio Supply co Reviews [April] – Should Anyone Buy From It?

  1. I have just purchased a thermometer and a pulse oximeter. The site was easy to navigate. I can write a further review once I have received my items and test them.

  2. I purchased the same yesterday, but am concerned that this might not be legitimate as I haven’t received a tracking number and there is no phone number available to call the company to verify.

  3. I purchased on April 1. Still no tracking or item received 15 days after payment made. Their customer service is non-responsive other than a ‘template’ letter of ‘due to COVID’.

    DO NOT BUY from this company. I am out $50. Going to dispute with credit card company.

    1. Teri…did you have any success with your card company? I think I need to do same.
      Do not use this company. Look at the terms of service on their website. Terrible terrible. Still waiting for a thermometer purchased a month ago.

  4. I received a confirmation number and item shipped quickly with tracking number but then got stuck somewhere en route from China to US. I didn’t even realize it was coming from China. Just asked if possible to cancel because it has been over a month.

  5. I also have purchased items from BioSupply and not received them. Tracking # is of no use and numerous emails unanswered. Also, no phone number to call them. I believe I am out $75 and very upset! Order was placed 4/20 and still waiting!!!

  6. I just received my order placed on March 31st today (May 11th). Based on the website I thought it was a US company. It arrived via China Post and USPS. I ordered a white oximeter and received a blue one (at least I received something)? I did get a confirmation email immediately upon ordering and a shipment confirmation the next day with tracking unlike some other commenters but it took almost a month and a half to arrive. I reached out to customer service 2 days ago (they responded right away) and they said if it didn’t come in 8 weeks they would not charge me and that shipments are taking longer due to reduced flights. It seems to work ok, heart rate matched my Apple Watch. English on package is a little strange grammatically. For same price I would have just gotten one at CVS but they were sold out everywhere around here. Hope others receive theirs.

  7. Ordered from this company at beginning of april. Thermometer was garbage and totally inaccurate. Pulse ox never came and got a refund only when I threatened to dispute charge.

    Items come from China and website does not clearly disclose same. Don’t shop here.

  8. I have placed an order back on April 2. Still have not received this order. Tracking says still in China. This company is garbage. They don’t have the product but still charge you. Do not order from this company

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