Is Beetbest Legitimate or Scam – Read Reviews [April]

Is Beetbest Legitimate or Scam – Read Reviews [April]

Is Beetbest Legitimate or Scam – Read Reviews [April] -> The post will tell you if you should purchase electronics from a new online retailer.

If you are reading this review, then you are searching for affordable electronic gadgets, phones, and other tech-related accessories. 

This Beetbest com Reviews promises to give you insight into a new online retailer that is offering some crazy discounts on its electronics. 

Electronics such as phones and smartwatches are in high demand, and when purchasing them, one must always be aware as too many complain of being duped and losing a large sum of money. 

The Beetbest has been doing rather well amongst the people of United States, Canada, etc.

What is Beetbest com? 

It is an online retailer that sells a variety of electronic devices. The products range from cell phones and their accessories such as chargers, smartwatches, disinfestation lamps, and others. 

For the most part, the website looks like your average online retailer and talks about providing the absolute best experience to its customers. Its site may confuse you a little, but the categories are appropriately divided. 

For example- the prices of the products such as USB cables and memory cards, some priced- $3.99 and even $1.99. This makes one wonder, is beetbest legitimate? 

What kind of products available on beetbest com? 

Beetbest mostly sells electronics. The categories, as well as a detailed list of the products available, is mentioned below. 

  • Consumer Electronics- This section consists of electronics that are perfect for all. These are smartwatches, smart wristbands, remote controls, headphones/earphones, microphones—mp3 players, projectors, and even home automation kits/modules. The smartwatches/wristbands can be purchased for as low as $6.99. Woah! 
  • Cell phones- clicking on it will show you not just phones but also its accessories such as chargers, power banks, wireless chargers, and holders/ stands. You may like the phone holders/stand that can be purchased for as low as $1.99; these come in handy when working in the kitchen or cars. 
  • Computer and Office- beetbest com offers you with computer accessories such as mouse & keyboards, memory cards, USB hubs, and demo board & accessories in this section. These again are available at affordable prices, which you can benefit from if you are setting up a new business. 
  • Watches- the watches range from mechanical and sports to digital. There is a little something for everybody in this section. Because who doesn’t love watches? 
  • The very bottom of the list has a category named “Home.” Clicking it opens shows you disinfecting wipes! 

Is the beetbest scam? 

The most searched and asked question has to be, “is beetbest scam?” The below pointers will give you some clarity regarding it. 

  • The site has a valid SSL certificate, which is an essential requirement for an online retailer. This ensures a third person can misuse none of your data. 
  • The contact us section of the beetbest com is complete with email id as well as a customer care phone number. 
  • Baring a few hiccups on its website, beetbest seems to have its products in the order. There are clear segregations and no mix-ups. 
  • They provide up to 7 days to return the products if un-satisfied. The details regarding returns are clear and concise. 
  • However, they do not give proper details of its products. 
  • A lot of the products look like copies of such as the mouse’s look like copies of some name brand products. 
  • It has a recent creation date address. 

Since it is recently set up, a lot of things such as the products and their information seem to be lacking. However, the site being SSL certified gives you the guarantee that Beetbest com is not a scam. 

How to purchase the products from Beetbest com? 

They lack a shipping page, so it is difficult to understand if they provide worldwide shipping. But they do mention that they offer free shipping if the total cost of your products averages up to $59. Anything below that, $6 shall be charged. 

The contact us section is complete with a phone number- (978) 301-6796, as well as an email id- 

Apart from this, in case of queries and inquiries, you can leave them a message in the writing space provided in the contact us section. 

Happy shopping! 

Final Verdict- 

For all its intents and purposes, the beetbest site looks legit. However, not everybody is bound to face the same experience when shopping online. So, ensure that you are through with the shipping and return details. 

If you have shopped from beetbest com before, then do share your experience with us in the comments section below. 

0 thoughts on “Is Beetbest Legitimate or Scam – Read Reviews [April]

  1. I ordered from them then decided to cancel the order minutes after. When i did this they gave me some bogus answer stating that they would refund my money in 14 business days. That money was never refunded. Meanwhile contacting was completely pointless because they would keep sending me the same response no matter what i wrote. BUYER BEWARE! This is NOT a real company, its a SCAM! They will take your money and never intend on sending you the product you purchased or give you a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

  2. Do not buy from them. They are scam. I have never received my purchase, I made a claim for a refund of $59.98 and they are asking for an invoice number, i have never received. I only have an order number that they don’t recognize but my credit card was debited .i paid to NEWCHU(legal name) $59.98.
    I have sent them several copies of the debit and they are asking for a receipt number they never have sent to me. They are sending me over and over the same email
    Don’t trust on them.

  3. They are a scam. Ordered from them 2 months ago. Have reached out several times & get the same response it’s now coming free & I will be credited in 4 business days(it’s been a month now) The pay pal system they use NewChu is bogus too.

  4. They are a complete scam!! I placed an order for what was advertised as Charmin Mega Plus 18 rolls of toilet tissue for $45. After a month of not hearing anything about my order, I emailed requesting a refund and to cancel my order. I received a responding email back stating that my order was canceled and that it would be up to 14 business days for me to receive my refund. Less than two weeks later I received an email with tracking information stating that my order had shipped. I emailed back reminding them that the order was canceled and that I wanted my refund immediately and was not going to wait any longer. I received a full refund two days later. Now another two months has passed and I received a package today with 10 tiny coreless role of what looks like cheap toilet tissue. It has the same tracking number that I received from NewChu’s (PayPal name) shipment email. Thankfully I received my refund before I saw what they are really selling. TOTAL SCAM!!!!

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