Some of The Best Apps to Manage Businesses Effectively

Some of The Best Apps to Manage Businesses Effectively

Best Apps to Manage Businesses: Business is not an easy thing to do. Kids these days plan early, observing their ideals, such as Bill Gates or Elon Musk, to become an entrepreneur and have their own business. But business complications are something that you only find about when you have your own business. Though you are running an already well-established business with a dedicated staff and employees, all major tasks, you won’t feel running a business is that much of a hassle. But if you are just starting your own business or have a small business, you will likely experience some major issues, especially with management or mismanagement.

It is so because small businesses usually don’t have a dedicated staff for all the major tasks, nor do they have that kind of budget to hire that much staff and then handle the staff as well. But thanks to technology, now you can use apps to manage business. There are plenty of apps on the internet for each business task. And for small businesses, their apps can be used as one of the effective business growth strategies. Now click here and know details about QuickBooks for creating invoices.

So here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best apps on the internet for each vital business task. These apps can be downloaded from the internet. However, some of them are for free, and some are paid. But they are all highly effective for sure. So, let’s begin:

Account management apps 

Accounting is one of the most vital tasks in a small business or any business. Accounting and proper bookkeeping help you keep track of your business’s revenues, the profit you are making, and in broad terms, the overall financial health of your business. Thus, you can think and use more business growth strategies with your profits. 


Wave is one of the rare completely free accounting apps on the internet as most of the famous accounting apps on the internet either ask you for a monthly or annual subscription. But Wave does not do that. Instead, it provides you various options to make payments and payrolls, and thus it generates its revenues through payment processing. 


To use this app, you require a monthly subscription. But this is one of the cheapest Account apps on the internet with some of the best features. With the online feature and mobile app of FreshBooks, you can easily oversee your cash flow, invoices, expenses, and much more. Although, this app is also famous for providing some of the best customer care services, in addition to its amazing features and cheap subscription prices. 

QuickBooks online

Among the names for best accounting apps to manage businesses, QuickBooks holds a special position. Thus, QuickBooks can do everything from tax accounting, payrolls, inventory management, profit analysis, and much more when it comes to account management. However, these features vary depending upon the version you are using. It is the most commonly used accounting app on the internet. Thus, you may find many other business apps on the internet integrated with this app in some form. 

You can use the mobile accounting app of QuickBooks for creating invoices, managing expenses, tracking miles, and many more accounting tasks easily. 

Payroll apps

You have to pay them if you have employees, don’t you? And keeping track of everyone’s salary is not easy. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps on the internet which you can use to keep track of your employees’ salaries, along with withholdings and even tax filing. 


The best thing about the Payroll4free app is that it is free. Although, it charges a monthly fee for making tax filing fees and, other than that, a year-end W-2 processing fee. But in addition to all this, it provides other interesting features like vacation time-tracking, paper checks, direct deposits, employee portals, and live support. 

QuickBooks payrolls 

As we stated earlier, QuickBooks offers various apps to manage business. Thus, many apps of QuickBooks are associated with each other. Although, this QuickBooks payrolls app does not come cheap. It charges $45/month and $4/month extra for every employee through its basic package. This also includes tax filings and payments. Still, it is used by many small business owners as it offers all 50 states of the United States full-service payroll services. Another great feature of this app is that it offers unlimited payrolls, same-day or next-day deposits, and a direct connection to QuickBooks online. The app is also useful for the employees as it allows them to view pay stubs, remaining vacation day balances, and withholdings.  

Point-of-Sale (POS) apps

This term may sound new to many business owners, as this service is not used in particular all the businesses but some selective businesses. The POS software enables users to ring up customers and complete their sales targets. Majorly restaurant businesses use the POS app to manage business. These apps help them in table management and coordination.  


This app is very famous, and you may have already heard about this app. This POS app is known for changing the small business apps’ world. The app is also notable for improving the system of business process credit card transactions. 

This app can be used as a full POS system provider as well as a simple mobile POS and card Swiper. The app has various versions which offer different hardware and software solutions. However, the basic version of the app charges 2.6% + $0.10 for each in-person payment it makes. 

PayPal Here

This is another popular POS business, regarded as one of the best apps to manage business processes like processing credit cards, invoices, and checks just through the user’s phones. And in contrast to the square app, this app offers the simplest and easiest methods for accepting payments. Plus, the app only charges a 2.7 % fee for each U.S card swipe.

But there is one drawback of this app as well. As PayPal owns the app, it works through the users’ PayPal account instead of their bank account. Thus, the user has to ensure that the POS app is properly synced to their PayPal account.  

App for time tracking and team management

Time tracking and team management are the keys vital to getting successful in any field and in business as well. But when you have multiple employees, it becomes difficult to manage these things effectively. Therefore, you can use apps that can help you perform these tasks. 


This is one of the most-used apps to manage business and perform tasks such as full-service payroll. And it is also used as an HR app. Some of the HR tasks this app can perform are tracking sick leaves and sick days, calculating vacation time. Other important responsibilities that this app performs are managing payrolls, calculating and filing payroll taxes (at state as well as federal levels), and compliance.

Though, this is not a free app. You need to pay a monthly subscription which starts at $39, to use this app. In addition to that, it also charges $6/month/person.  


As a small business owner, considering these apps as a part of your business growth strategies will help you a lot. These are some of the best apps to manage business and other essential management tasks. And for your convenience, we have tried to find and list most of the free apps so that you hesitate to try out these apps.

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