Artis Macau Scam (Oct 2020) Explore the Reality Behind it.

Artis Macau Scam (Oct 2020) Explore the Reality Behind it.

Artis Macau Scam (Oct 2020) Explore the Reality Behind it. >> This article talks about the news trending in Kuala Lumpur related to the scam in which two artists were involved.

Authorities are getting strict over illegal activities happening around the globe and are taking strict actions towards the same for the betterment of the world. Are you aware of the Macau Scam that recently was on hype?

Yes, there was an issue noticed by the MACC about the illegal activities happening around Malaysia. It was named as Artis Macau ScamArtis stands for artists, and this scam is related to the artists involved in some illegal activities. The name of these artists isn’t revealed yet and is still suspense for the readers.

We have covered all the points on this topic below in this article and have uncovered some facts. Read the article to know more.

What is Artis Macau Scam?

Nowadays, artists are also involved in the scams happening worldwide to increase their savings, being aware of the facts that if their names are revealed in the same, it will affect their career badly. 

The same happened in Malaysia as well. Two artists were found involved in activities of money laundering and gambling via online sources. 

The two of them are quite famous and also had many followers over their social media accounts. Artis Macau Scam was on the hype since the day it was revealed. Scroll Down the article to know more about the same. 

What was the action taken by MACC?

MACC stands for Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission. This authority is a government agency that helps find the rot causes and the cases related to corruption in the private and public sectors.

They have recently revealed about Artis Macau Scam ,in which they have published in their reports that two artists were found involved in various online gambling activities. 

They have given a fixed period to them within which they have to meet the officials regarding the same to get clarity about this. Many reports published about the same, one of which states that instead of the period allotted, they haven’t appeared yet and have refused to appear for the same. 

What is the warning given by MACC for ignorance?

MACC has already asked the artists to appear for the investigation about Artis Macau ScamBut they haven’t appeared yet, and MACC they have allotted them dates in the future for the same. They have also asked the two to inform about the money they have earned through gambling and money laundering. 

But they have denied and also are irresponsive about the same. MACC also disclosed that they asked all the individuals and celebrities to come forward on their own who have invested in these illegal online scams for the investigation. 

Final Verdict:

You have explored Artis Macau Scam above in this article; you have studied all the facts from both artists and MACC viewpoints. 

Authorities are getting stricter about illegal activities and have taken some action about celebrities being involved. They are focusing on the stars because they are an inspiration for the individuals and believe that it might promote the same. 

Share your views on whether the same must be hyped or not. 

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