Awforest com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is This an Online Scam Site?

Awforest com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is This an Online Scam Site?

Awforest com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is This an Online Scam Site? >>  This article talks in detail about a website that sells clothing, accessories, kid’s items, houseware items, pet supplies, and tools.

Do you know that retail therapy is known to be a powerful mood enhancer? It is a natural human tendency to shop for merchandise that makes us feel good about ourselves. But at times this shopping experience can be pretty time-consuming and tiring.

Therefore, online platforms are becoming the most preferred shopping destinations as they offer the convenience to shop at our own pace.

What if an online portal allows you to shop for numerous products under one platform? Isn’t it a cherry on the cake?

Awforest com is one such website that claims to sell an overwhelming stock under its name.

Customers in the United Kingdom seem to be going gaga over their website.

Aww! Seems awesome. 

Our Awforest com Reviews will tell if it is true to its claim.

Let’s review it together.

What is Awforest com?

Awforest com is an online hub that sells a wide variety of stuff under well-defined categories. At Awforest com, there is a collection for almost every profession, sport, hobby, or passion. The website sells products for all seasons and occasions.

For ladies, the infinite choice in clothing and accessories leaves you spellbound. You can shop for sexy evening gowns, high heels, and matching clutches to complement the party look.

You can complete your casual appearance by donning their trendy tops, long cotton maxi dresses, or crossbody bags.

If you are a sports freak, their breathable pants, comfortable sneakers, wig-grip headbands, and backpacks complete your gym attire.

Then there is lingerie, beachwear, waterproof pants, Ultra-light rainproof, windproof jacket, and infinite other stuff.

For winters, they have hooded knit tops, warm cardigans, cashmere pants, scarves, gloves, and winter faux sheepskin wool insoles.

All this plus, many products for babies, kids, home decor, and cool gadgets.

It’s quite exciting that a website sells so many products under its banner.

However, we suggest that you first explore Awforest com through Awforest com Reviews and then place an order here.

Specifications of Awforest com:

  • Product- Apparel, Shoes & Accessories, Kids and Babies stuff, Indoor and Outdoor Home items, Sports stuff, and some tools
  • Website-
  • Address- Not given
  • Contact- Only through email.
  • Email-
  • Shipping time- Not mentioned on the website.
  • Shipping fee- Not clear
  • Order cancellation- Within 12 hours of placing the order
  • Returns- Within 14 days  
  • Refunds- Applicable but conditions apply.
  • Mode of payment- Online through major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, debit cards, and PayPal.

Pros of Awforest com:

  • A wide assortment of merchandise
  • Caters to women, men, kids, and babies
  • All products are very reasonably priced.
  • The store offers worldwide delivery.

Cons of Awforest com:

  • The store has a strikethrough price policy to lure customers into impulsive buying.
  • The website was created just 12 days back.
  • No details about the background of the company or its owners
  • The website does not have a mail server.
  • Much of the content is copy-paste from many other fraudulent sites.

Is Awforest com Legit?

  • There is no doubt that Awforest com has a well-designed website. The products, though many, are arranged appropriately.
  • The website imparts a very user-friendly experience to its users. 
  • On the surface, everything looks very hunky-dory about Awforest com.
  • Therefore, we had to delve deeper and generate Awforest com Reviews to ascertain if it is legit or not.

Customer reviews on Awforest com:

One cannot find any Awforest com Reviews by customers either on its website or over the internet. 

This indicates that the company is not at all popular despite selling numerous such products at throwaway prices.

It also does not feature on any social media platform.

All this does not give a very good picture of this website. 

Let us go through the following final verdict to know if you should risk shopping here or not.

Final verdict:

Considering that Awforest has no social media presence, no customer reviews, and is just ten days old, what do you expect? 

We do not recommend shopping at Awforest com.

Also, the website does not divulge any crucial details. There is no information on address, phone number, or the origin of the company.

These drawbacks pinpoint that Awforest com is a very dubious website.

Our advice is to control your temptation to shop here till you read any reviews from its customers.

We welcome you to share your experience of Awforest com. Do post your comments below. It will help us know more about this recently launched website.

0 thoughts on “Awforest com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is This an Online Scam Site?

  1. I wish I had read your report earlier. I ordered a pair of boots from Awforest, which arrived today.
    They do not look like the photo and the zip is at the back and I cannot do it up.
    I ordered a size 4 (37) but I have received a size 36.
    I have not tried to contact them yet, but having read your review, do not think I will get far with that.

    1. i too wish i had read this report. Boots are too small, very cheaply made and when asked to return them they said they had sent the correct size so basically tough luck!! i’ve been totally scammed

    2. Hi karen
      I am having the same problem, i ordered a size 5 and they sent a 4, love the boots but just dont fit , i have emailed them numerous times and they are not willing to do anything about it , wish i never used them £30 lost

    3. Hi Karen just an update, i paid through paypal so opened up a case yesterday and paypal already refunded the money this morning so i think they have had numerous complaints, if you paid through paypal contact them
      Hope you get your refund

  2. bought the women leather low heel daily boots and got what i ordered.
    Very comfortable, colour match is exact
    Delivery took a couple of weeks
    will be ordering again, same boot, different colour

  3. I bought 2 pairs of boots from here ordering half a size bigger than I am but they won’t do up, they’re way too small and the zip starts at the heel. I emailed them asking to return them and get the next size up and basically just keep getting the same message back to each message I send – ‘We are sorry about that. We have checked and confirmed your order, we sent the right item to you. So it won’t be supported to returned or exchanged’ or ‘Sorry for your inconvenience have a nice day’ (typed exactly as received’. I’m at a loss, I was happy to pay the return postage but they won’t let me return them or exchange them. Appalling way to behave.

  4. I ordered a pair of cheap boots, which arrived after about 10 days. they are really cheap, smell very plasticky and are definitely not worth the money.
    More fool me – you get what you pay for.
    They will be going into a charity bag!

  5. I’ve not received the boots I ordered. Had 2 emails pushing date back and now just being ignored . Been waiting way too long. I actually checked to see if I’d been the victim of a scam. Hopefully not

  6. Absolute shambles of a company. I have still not recieved my order and have emailed several times but get the same email back with absolutely no solid update or useful info. I’m glad I paid through PayPal who are now getting the refund for me. I do not recommend this company in any way.

  7. I ordered a pair of boots described as “Women’s Leather Low Heel Daily Boot”. I checked the full listing which said material: leather.
    They were only £30.00, but when the boots arrived 10 days later, they are really not even even worth £5!! I cannot describe how poor the quality is! Not even faux leather, it is made of very thin, badly cut plastic with a pixelated leather print on it! I would be embarrassed to even give these to a charity shop.
    I complained but am told the item is what I ordered and refund request is ignored. AVOID this scam folks.

  8. I sent for two pairs of boots, as Christmas gifts, on 29/10/20. They have failed to arrive. I looked at my e-mail confirmation, to find that when I click on the AW Forest logo, Safari tells me the company could be a scam. I have contacted them via the e mail link in the confirmation, and await a reply. Concerned. Will update when I know more.

  9. I ordered a pair of boots and top end of October. After chasing for a delivery timescale, was provided with tracking information and saw that it has been dispatched from China mid November. Just rechecked tracking which now states that delivery was completed on 26th November. Awaiting reply from company as to how they are going to rectify the non-delivery problem, no reply yet. Buyer beware, not holding out any hope that they will refund money, so will go down the route of claiming my £50 back using Visa Chargeback scheme.

  10. Can’t believe I actually ordered from this company – total scam and I’ve told them so, not that it made any difference. I ordered in October and finally received my boots last week – two right feet for god sake. I e-mailed and was offered $3 compensation, I kept going and was then offered $6 and finally $8 which they said they can’t do any more. I’m absolutely fuming about this £30 down the drain.

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