Are You Trying To Go Dry This January? Here Are the Tips to Success

Are You Trying To Go Dry This January? Here Are the Tips to Success

Are You Trying To Go Dry This January: Is your new year’s resolution to go dry this January? It is a good idea, and it is healthy for you too. But if you jump into it without a proper plan, it will be another one of those failed promises you made to yourself. If you drink regularly, then it is hard for you. Alcohol is not a healthy substance for your daily diet. This resolution might help you cut off alcohol permanently in the future. Do not worry too much. We will help you plan and set goals to fulfill your new year’s resolutions. The CBD oil from Lazarus Naturals can help you in fulfilling this resolution successfully. 

Here are some tips to make your dry January successful. Read on to know about them in detail.

Make Realistic Goals:

The idea may feel like a no-brainer. But it is crucial to plan it. Leaping to the big goal altogether may not be a bit overwhelming. And it will make the whole thing a lot harder. Make small changes slowly. Cut off your alcohol intake gradually, measure the drinks, and drink slowly. After that, try going dry for three days. You can add days to it to reach your goals. Try going dry week by week. If you try to take a whole month altogether, you may panic and fail.

Include Your Friends In Your Plan:

The friends or colleagues with whom you spend most of the time and drink, let them in on your plan. It can be great if some of your friends take up the resolution too. Doing something tenacious, a friend’s company makes it easier and fun. Your friends will also help you through the journey and get back if you slip up anytime. And you can do the same for them. With a group of friends supporting you, you will reach your goals.

Consider Alternative Drinks:

Just because you are trying out a dry January does not mean you cannot have fun. You can still enjoy it with everyone, but make sure you order a mocktail instead of a cocktail. Pretty simple, right? You can also try non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine, sparkling water, ciders, and soda. They have fewer calories and more flavors than the alcoholic ones. There are also non-alcoholic drink options that make you feel calm and are beneficial for your health. A cup of Chamomile with honey might do the trick.

Avoid The Triggers:

Triggers are the things or places that start or increase the craving for alcohol. If you want to go dry, you have to avoid them. Like, avoid going to a bar or a cocktail party. It does not mean you can never go to a bar again. But when you are first trying to cut off alcohol, it is better to stay away from these places. Try to keep yourself occupied. Make plans ahead, try out new things or pick a new hobby. Also, try to avoid people who generally offer you drinks or pressure you into drinking. It is only for a short time while you are still getting accustomed.

Clean Out Alcohol Stock:

Do you keep an alcohol stash at your house? If the answer is yes, clean out the stock before starting your dry January. Probably, you heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind, right?” That is what we are trying to achieve here. If there is no alcohol in your house, the chances of triggers decrease. It is also an effective trick to stop you from drinking late. Swap the alcohol with juices, probiotics, or any other non-alcoholic drinks.

Try CBD:

CBD or cannabidiol is a plant chemical, and it is well-known for having many medicinal benefits. According to some studies and research, the drug may help with substance use disorder or SUD. So, using CBD will ease off the alcohol cutting process in January. It also alleviates stress and anxiety issues. These are the principal reasons for drinking alcohol for most people. It eliminates the negative thoughts in your mind and helps calm your mind; the drug improves your overall mental health and boosts your mood. You can try CBD oil, tinctures, and gummies to use daily.

Plan For The Urges:

The urge to drink alcohol does not go away in a couple of days. So, you have to make a proper plan to fight those urges. You can try alternatives to distract yourself. Try maintaining a healthy diet and protein-enriched snacks from time to time. The process is not easy. So, it is natural to fall off the wagon a few times. If you do, do not beat yourself up too much. That would not help anyone. Instead, start again; remember the previous mistakes and avoid them.

Try To Stay Fit And Active:

Limiting your alcohol intake is a great way to stay healthy. But exercise is the best way to keep it up a notch. Regular exercise is a great way to control weight gain due to alcohol consumption. It also pumps up your heart, regulates the blood flow, helps detoxify the body, and keeps your mind fresh. Especially in the pandemic, it can be a helpful way to boost your immunity. By exercise, we do not mean that you have to go to a gym and break a sweat. You can take a walk to a park, jog, do some stretching, ride a bicycle, or yoga to stay active.


Now you know how you can go dry for a whole month successfully. Maybe if everything goes well, you can try it for an extended period. Try to keep track of your progress and emotional wellbeing. If you feel like you need help, do not hesitate. Talk to a professional about it. Avoid thinking that a dry January will help you lose weight. Cutting off alcohol may help the process, but you need to make other lifestyle changes and maintain healthy habits to see impressive results. Do not put too much pressure on yourself. Good luck on finishing your resolution this year, and stay strong.

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