What Ruins The Internet’s Reputation

What Ruins The Internet’s Reputation

What Ruins The Internets Reputation: There are many ways in which the internet influences the human race. This situation has been exacerbated in recent years. The fact that people could not be within six feet of one another for long periods meant that many professional and personal interactions started happening remotely

Even though more and more people are subscribing to the internet as time passes on, many around the world are skeptical about the global phenomenon. In the case that you are currently thinking about what anyone can find wrong with something that brings so much to mankind, this article is just for you! In this piece, you will find the things that some hate about the internet and thus want it abolished

According to multiple pieces of research, pornography ranks amongst the biggest uses of the global network. The sad part is that many in their transformative ages watch pornography even though all sites in the industry are mandated to restrict anyone below the age of eighteen from using them. A lot of kids and adults have developed porn addictions due to the ease of access to pornography that the internet provides them. This makes users waste their time and become less productive. Fortunately for you, many internet service providers allow you to restrict your kids. One of these ISPs is Xfinity. Along with the affordable Xfinity internet pricesyou do not have to worry about getting your pocket ripped off as well

Criminal Activity

It is no secret that the web is too big to be monitored. The part of the web that is not indexable on search engines (deep web) is much larger than the part that is indexable (surface web). This means that a lot of criminals get opportunities to commit different illegal activities on the World Wide Web. These criminal activities encompass but are not restricted to blackmail, fraud, and most dangerous of all, terrorism. Needless to say, intelligence agencies often refer to the dark web as a place where terrorist activity strengthens. 

Social Media’s Excessive Usage

The last but certainly not the least important aspect of the internet we are going to be discussing today is social media. As of today, there are more than four and a half billion social media users. What does this mean? Any person living on this planet is more likely to be a social media user than not. Want another striking figure? People spend significantly more than two hours a day on social media platforms. Just let that sink in for a moment. Taking out eight hours of sleep, one hour for commute, eight hours for work, and one hour for getting ready, you are left with only six hours a day. And social media takes up at least one-third of it!

The biggest argument against social media is, indeed, the fact that people spend so much time on it and end up wasting their lives. How? They are not left with enough time to prioritize their goals and physical and mental health. Social media apps like Instagram have also become notorious for perpetuating a negative image in users of themselves. Just imagine how many times you have seen a beach photo of a friend on Instagram and felt about your own body!

In recent years, social media has also become known to leak people’s data. Remember when Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg was sitting in front of the members of the House of Representatives explaining how secret information related to polling was stolen from Facebook’s accounts. And this happened to Facebook (now Meta), the company that owns the three largest social media platforms in the world – Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp! We did not mention the company because we have some kind of personal feud with them; rather, we are featuring them to show how even the biggest social media company with billions of dollars of revenue failed to protect the data privacy of its users. 

Wrapping Up

Yes, the internet has connected people from all over the world. Yes, it has made remote work possible and sustained economies and lives during the pandemic and beyond. But there are still some people who dislike the internet. We hope that, after reading the above, you got a better idea of where they are coming from.

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