Adeladys com Reviews (Nov) Is Adeladys Real Or Scam?

Adeladys com Reviews (Nov) Is Adeladys Real Or Scam?

Adeladys com Reviews (Nov) Is Adeladys Real Or Scam? >> Please check this ultimate review guide which helps you to judge whether this shopping store is authentic or not.

Adeladys com Reviews: Is Adeladys com a genuine shopping destination or not? This post will provide you with the answer to this question.

 Ladies are best known to spend time and money on shopping. Thus, the women clothing industry considers as the most profitable business. In 2019, women clothes retail stores sales have been recorded to 4.5 billion (US dollars) in the United States.

Due to the increasing trend of online shopping, e-fraud has also been raised at a rapid rate. Therefore, we took the step to aware of our readers by reviewing products or websites. This post helps you to analyze the all-important facts about Adeladys in brief form. 

Let’s start with the short Introduction.

What is Adeladys com?

Adeladys is an e-commerce shopping portal that provides western-style ladies outfits. From printed stylish jackets, jeans, tops and t-shirts, it brings chic sweaters for the women.

Its accessories section displays the beautiful collections of hats, earrings, socks, bracelets, stockings, necklace and bags. These designs are just like the reflection of the apparels of the United States. They are quite elegant, which you never want to miss at any cost. It would be so good if you are sticking with the article till the end.

Let us expand Adeladys com Reviews through its specifications as below:

Specifications of Adeladys Website

  • Website Link-
  • Product offers-Ladies attire & accessories.
  • Returns/Exchange-Yes.
  • Cancellation- Yes.
  • Refund- within 30 days after getting the product back.
  • Shipping- 2 to 6 weeks.
  • Address- Guangzhou Qiazhifeng Clothing Co., Ltd.: 401, No. 10, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou.
  • Payment- VISA, MasterCard and different online modes.

Adeladys com Reviews has assembled few benefits and drawbacks of the site. It helps you to get an idea of whether the website is valid or not.

How Adeladys beneficial for the users?

  • Get cool designer verities of apparel at cheap rates.
  • The worldwide delivery will help you to get your favorite product at home without visiting the store.
  • Take advantage of free delivery by ordering up to or over $79.
  • Get your full money back if not satisfied with the order.
  • The SSL domain ensures complete transport layer security.

What are the limitations of Adeladys com?

  • Mostly all the images seem unprofessional as the faces of the models are not visible. It is usually done by fake websites to escape them from copyright.
  • The site optimization looks unrealistic. From the ‘About us’ section to ‘contact us’ menu, the content is insufficient and unethical.
  • This store is not present on Facebook, Instagram or other social media tools.
  • The consumer has to bear the shipping costs at the time of returning the item.
  • The store has not provided a customer service number for the direct interaction between buyers and company. Fraudulent e-stores use these tricks to trap new shoppers.
  • This store is new, which is started on 12-08-2020. It is only 88 days. Thus, we can’t trust on new websites so early. 
  • The company concealed the data about the founder of the store. It is much needed as the owner is the backbone of the business. Trusted online sites never hide such content.
  • As per the Adeladys com Reviews, the address given on the website is not entirely verified. An internet search is not revealing the correct match of the parent company. So, we never recommend these kinds of e-commerce stores to our audience.

Hence, all these drawbacks show that the store can be the trick of scammers. Let’s read the opinion of the users on the same.

How about Adeladys com Reviews from consumers?

Adeladys is not visible on social media handles, internet search and review sites. We didn’t get the consumer ratings or comments on its official website as well. Consequently, we are helpless to provide you with their opinion. 

Final Conclusion

To sum up Adeladys com Reviews, the above are detailed information on how this store is doing a fake business to waste people’s precious money. We are cocksure they have initiated the store to mislead ladies.

 Although, it offers gorgeous designer items at realistic price rates, the limitations of the Adeladys com displays they have copied the content, theme and graphics from different shopping sites. These essential facts will assist you in checking the legitimacy of several other websites as well.

We hope you understood this review deeply and make the wise decision. As per our conclusion, this store is highly suspicious and possibly a scam. Be comfortable to share your opinion about this article or company in the below comments box.

0 thoughts on “Adeladys com Reviews (Nov) Is Adeladys Real Or Scam?

  1. They are definitely a scam!! I fell for it a bought a pair of their so called Jean’s! Nope! Not jeans, they were cheap polyester stretch pants!! When I went back to the website to get a return postage for it! Guess what!? No website available! DNS unavailable!! So, yes they are a scam!! One more lesson for me shopping on the web!!

  2. I purchased a pair of “Jeans” that also were some cheap polyester material…. anything you buy in a size S,M,L other than tops or work out clothes, is definitely a clue something is wrong. Jeans are not usually S,M,L. I contacted the website by email and they do respond. But, they will give you 9.00 back on a 42.00 order. Or you can return the item, they do provide a return label but you have to pay for the shipping. Another rip off! |I am not wasting my time and money to return the item to them. But, I want my money back and will get as much as I can from them, one way or another. Clothing is cheap and seller is a fraud. More than likely from China and not an American reputable company…. Their products are horrible!!

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