News Social Media (Nov) All About Social Talking! Social Media 2020 Social Media (Nov) All About Social Talking! >> The article is to share details to our readers about one of the most popular social talking apps. Social Media – A straightforward and fun app that helps you connect people worldwide to share your thoughts and feelings. The app is designed such that it is easy to use and handle. It doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 35; the app has topics and users for all age groups? 

The social speaking network is famous in many countries like the United States, Canada, and worldwide. If you want to know what is, please keep on reading this article.

What is

The free to use and free to download social talking app helps you have 1-on-1 conversation randomly with people worldwide. If you want to discover new people, reconnect with people of the same thoughts, and discuss the same topic with mutual interest. Then Social Media is the best app you’re looking for. 

The app is popular among all age groups; thousands of people share their views, so every time you have a glimpse at the app, you will find people of your interest worldwide. Or you can take your topic of interest to discuss on the platform you will get responses from people in minutes: this way, the app works and enjoyable to use.


  • Website type: The first-ever social talking app
  • Free to Download
  • The app is 100% free to use
  • Social Media network helps you to have real 1:1 conversation around the world.
  • The parlor app last updated on 20 July 2020, obtained the data based on research.
  • App download size 22.60 MB
  • Over 6million users are using it in the United States, Canada, and globally.
  • The app has more than 2 billion conversations online. 

Customer Response on

The app is active on a social media network with many followers and users. As we researched Social Media thoroughly, we came across many customer reviews over the internet and on the Facebook page. 

Some people say that the app is impressively easy to use and handle; it helps connect people around quickly and freely share views on the platform. But some people facing issues in profile creating say app asks permission for every action they want to do. 

And also, the profile picture cannot be uploaded. Customer service is not right; the company won’t respond to user’s queries and problems. Overall the reviews for the app is of mixed opinion.

Final View

Are you tired of this pandemic lockdown and looking out for an online site that allows you to have a conversation with the people around the world? Then the is the best app, which is free to download and use. 

The app is popular among people of all age groups because it has topics and users of all ages. Just pick the topic you’re interested in; you will surely reply from the people around. The app is active on social media with good fans and followers. 

And also so many customer reviews available over the internet, which has mixed opinions. If you want to try talking to people of your interest, then download this app for free and give it a try. 

We hope the Social Media article helped you get full information about the first-ever social talking network. If you have anything to share about the app, please comment in the comments section provided below.

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