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Are you searching for an online platform where you can build up your connection with engineers, producers, narrators and recording studio? If so, then you must check this article as we are discussing the Reviews with you. 

If you live in the United States, you can effectively enjoy its major benefits with just a few clicks. 

What is ACX?

It is one of the marketplaces of all agents, right holders, and publishers looking for the relevant source to build up the connection with recording studios, engineers, narrators, and producers searching for effective ways to produce their audiobooks. 

Effective Ways For Creating Audiobooks

If you consider yourself a right holder, you can surely choose effective ways to produce your audiobook. You can do it by engaging a producer on ACX or on your own. You have the option to select from two of its two royalty models. 

What are Reviews?

ACX will also help you post your post and get it seen if you belong to the producer category. Besides that, you can again audition on ACX for your posted titles and can become proactive. 

We have searched a lot over the internet for the website’s feedback section but failed to acquire any. But while searching, we found that you can earn bounty referral points of around 75 dollars if any new Audible listener becomes the member by using your referral link. 

Keep A Check On Your Project Status 

In many cases, all the titles that meet up the ACX Submission requirement will become eligible to deal with the ACX. As per the Reviews, people can check the status of their project ongoing in the Completed Projects section. Besides, people will also receive the email notification if they come across any changes in their status. 

Enjoy Great Offers 

A person can earn around 40% royalty if he or she chooses Non- Exclusive distribution at any hour of the day. They can do it by selling it on their iTunes, Audible and Amazon. Your earning is totally based on the strategy of your promotion. 

Final Verdict

Are you facing difficulty in finding the engineers and recording studios? Then probably you have landed on the correct page. As here, you will get the answers to your maximum questions. 

Here, in this article, we discuss the Reviews, which offers you the fantastic platform to connect with the narrator or recording studios to get your work done. This website is viral in the United States

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback as well if you want to share with us. All you have to do is to write in the comment box given below. 

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