Lowell General COVID Vaccine (Feb) Get Vaccine Shot!

Lowell General COVID Vaccine (Feb) Get Vaccine Shot!

Lowell General COVID Vaccine (Feb) Get Vaccine Shot!->This post shares the details of the new vaccination site and how to schedule an appointment.  

Eligible residents of 65 years and above can now schedule an appointment for Lowell General COVID Vaccine online. Lowell General Hospital in the United States has started mass vaccination for the eligible residents at Pawtucket Boulevard in Lowell to vaccinate the residents against COVID-19. 

The vaccine is limited and made available for eligible residents above 65 years suffering from chronic diseases. Besides, smokers are also eligible to seek appointments for vaccination at the hospital under the program. 

The authorities have upgraded an old building for the vaccination program. It is located two miles away from the general hospital, and it is painted and carpeted especially for the vaccination program. 

What is the Lowell General COVID Vaccine Program?

Lowell General Hospital and Circle Health have collaborated with Farley White Interests and health departments to offer mass vaccination against COVID-19. Under the program, a large number of eligible residents in the United States would be vaccinated. It is part of Massachusetts phased vaccine distribution plan. 

Lowell General Hospital is the community’s healthcare and hospital for more than 130 years. The authorities have selected the hospital for distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible residents across the states. 

Lowell General Hospital has set up a new building with fresh carpets and paints to administer the vaccine to eligible residents. The new facility is converted into a vaccination site. It is only two miles away from the hospital’s location. 

Eligible residents above 65 years with chronic conditions must schedule an appointment for the Lowell General COVID Vaccine. All details regarding the vaccine and appointment can be found at Cross River Center, Lowell.   

How to Book Appointment for COVID Vaccine at Lowell General Hospital?

Eligible residents above 65 years of age need to schedule an appointment for the Lowell General Hospital vaccination program. The method for scheduling the vaccine appointment is quite simple and easy. Users are required to follow a few simple steps and share details to confirm their booking. 

  • Eligible residents need to visit the official website of Massachusetts and access the vaccine page.
  • Share the details of the patients along with the medical history.
  • Book an appointment on the next available date
  • If you are unable to schedule an appointment for the vaccination program, call “211.” It is the official helpline number for booking an appointment. Callers will reach the call center to share their details and schedule appointment for Lowell General COVID Vaccine.    

Is Vaccination Suspended in the State?

Lowell General Hospital announced last week that the authorities would resume the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at the Massachusetts vaccine sites. The next day, the authorities decided to suspend the appointments because of the vaccines’ short supply. 

Eligible residents in phased rollout plans are vaccinated at the Cross River Center. The center is equipped to deliver around 800 shots per day. But there is a limited supply, and hence only eligible residents of Phase one will be vaccinated presently. Others have to wait until the next slot of Lowell General COVID Vaccine is made available.  


Lowell General Hospital has contributed towards the federal government’s vaccination program by becoming an active vaccination partner. Residents can schedule their appointments and get the shots of the vaccine to stay protected. 

Did you receive the vaccine shot at Lowell General Hospital? Kindly share your experience in the comment section.

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