9.90 Crab Scam (July 2021) Get Complete Information!

9.90 Crab Scam (July 2021) Get Complete Information!

9.90 Crab Scam (July 2021) Get Complete Information! >> Recently, a fraud website scammed an innocent person by offering two crabs. Read here to know more details about this scam.

Recently a new scam was found. Cyber criminals are trying to ditch the customers by selling crabs at the lowest prices. The reports are saying that the deal is two crabs for $9.90. Reports revealed this 9.90 Crab Scam in Singapore. Unfortunately, a man fell into this trap and lost $18000 without knowing that it was a scam. Read the full details and be aware of such scams.

What happened in Singapore?

Due to an eye-catching advertisement on an instagram page, a food lover bought two crabs at 9.90 dollars. But, it turned out a fraud website, and he lost 18000 dollars after entering his credit card details and one-time password. Unluckily, he didn’t have much time to think about the scam before ordering the crabs.

What is a 9.90 Crab Scam?

Crabs are a favourite dish for many people. Also, many restaurants offer quality crab food for their customers. Sadly, some cyber thieves are trying to take this as an advantage and make easy money. So, they started a fraud website and posted advertisements everywhere. This fraud food website is named “crabsdelivery.space” offers two crabs for 9.90 dollars. But they posted similar logos of the official website “8crabs.com” on their advertisements. So, the customer got confused and ordered from the wrong website. 

The 8 Crabs company took necessary precautions and posted about this scam on their official page to aware all the customers. 

Guidelines for the people:

This 9.90 Crab Scam has become a massive shock to Singapore people. Also, police are involved in this issue to prevent the other scams. Therefore, people must be careful while purchasing online and entering credit card credentials, one-time passwords.

How did the Crab Scam happen?

A customer found a crabs advertisement on an Instagram page. He thought it was exciting and clicked on that link. Then, it was directed to the “crabsdelivery.space” page. He placed an order and reached the payments page. Later, he entered credentials and a one-time password. Immediately, his mobile received a message saying that 18000 dollars have debited in 9.90 Crab Scam. Also, he contacted the bank for help. But it was too late. So, he reported this to the police. Police reported the case, but unfortunately, they said that he might not get his money back. 

What is the Public Reaction?

This incident shocked the people. Losing 18000 dollars with one mistake is not a tiny thing for ordinary people. The victim has not found any error on the website. That fraud website looks similar to the original “8Crabs.com” website. Also read this to know, How to protect yourself against scam.

Final Verdict:

This 9.90 Crab Scam is an alert for those who are unaware of cybercrime. 

So, be aware of such scams and be careful while placing any online payment. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams happening around the world. These cyber thieves are tracing innocent customers for easy money.  For more details on Online Scam 

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