Is Scam {Mar} Let’s Read About The Vaccine

Is Scam {Mar} Let’s Read About The Vaccine

Is Scam {Mar} Let’s Read About The Vaccine -> Do you want to know about the portal that keeps a list of leftover covid19 vaccine? Read here to know!

Is Scam? Do you know what is, and is this web page real or fake? Then go through the discussion that we are going to share with you below.

All across the United States covid19 vaccination program is going on by making online registration and appointments. So every site where the vaccination program is being carried out at last may be left out with extra doses of covid19 vaccine that can be utilized further.

So helps make a list of those leftover vaccines and looks forward to provide those vaccines to those who need the most.

Let’s Explore more about this portal!

What Is

So definitely people want to know Is Scam or legit! Read further to know about it!

The portal is a part of a website named The website that provides lists of extra and leftover doses of coronavirus vaccine which can be thrown out or used by the nearby and needy people who are looking forward to get the covid19 vaccine.

The are excited to stand united with their efforts to prevent the waste of vaccines and people need to head over to!

But currently, this portal is not working as you can find an error when trying to reach out to this website. 

Let’s see whether Is Scam or a real one!

Website Details:

  • Domain Creation Date: 18th November, Sunday, 2018 11:08 pm
  • Website Popularity: 140307
  • HTTPS Connection: Valid HTTPS connection 
  • Domain Blacklist Status: Not detected by any blacklist engine 

What’s The Mission Of

A is a website that leads services to the health sector, and now they are part of the covid19 vaccine sector.

The website aims to make access to look after covid19 vaccine more equitable and more efficient.

Is Scam Or Real?

So, let’s know whether this website is actual or not. Let’s study point by point the website facts, and then we will justify seeing all the facts whether the legit or not!

  • The website is a very old website that gets its domain registered on 18th November 2018
  • The website has a trust score of eighty-five point five as shown by the scam detector 
  • The website popularity is 140307
  • The website has secured an HTTPS connection. 
  • So, this portal seems not to be a scam, but you need to pay attention first and investigate in detail about the website.


Is Scam? No, doesn’t seem to be a scam page as it’s a very old portal and has been given eighty-five point five as a trust score.

But recently the website is not working as the page shows errors when we visit So at this moment, we need to first figure out why the website is not working.

Have you ever used Do you have any idea about this portal and why this portal is not currently working? Please let us know if you know any of the genuine views about!

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