8 Fun & Easy Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

8 Fun & Easy Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

It’s easy to fall in love with summer, that is until you feel the scorching heat. Here’s how you can cool down fast to beat the heat.

No, it’s not your imagination. It’s undoubtedly getting hotter, and it’s not going to get any better. Even a laid-back individual can turn into a grump when the body absorbs too much heat. So, it’s tempting to turn on the air conditioner and retreat to your cozy nook. 

But things are rarely that simple. You don’t want to raise your expenses by running the air conditioner every day. That’s why you’ll need a list of clever techniques to beat the heat.

There are easy ways to tackle this. You can simply get out of the sun and hide in the shade to cool down. However, there are more innovative ways to cool down fast. Let’s take a look. 

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. 

Hydrating yourself is crucial in the summer heat. Your body needs to maintain a specific temperature to remain in a homeostatic state. Sweating, as annoying as it is, helps your body cool down. And what encourages sweating? Drinking water! 

Drinking water also helps you tackle the summer heat.  Ice water, of course, is your best bet. However, energy drinks or pop sodas can help too (just watch the sugar content in the drinks). Any liquid is better than none. In these instances, it’s best to avoid coffee. Coffee is diuretic and can dehydrate you instead. 

Did you know you can get ice cold water or drinks in 30 minutes? Here’s how. 

Place your bottles in a container and leave some room between the drinks. Then, pack the gaps with ice. Now, it’s time to add your magical ingredient. 

Sprinkle a cup of salt over the ice. Yes, you read it right. You need salt to facilitate this process. Salt prevents the water from freezing. So the drinks turn colder faster. 

Finally, fill the remaining container with water. In 20 to 30 minutes, you get deliciously chilly drinks. 

Create Your Own Water Park 

Water parks are a great way to beat the heat. However, it’s impossible to get there all the time, especially if the parks are nowhere near your home. Fret no more! You can create a water park in your backyard instead. 

Install some water sprinklers on your lawn. You can keep your kids or guests entertained within a budget. Some sprinkler systems spray numerous patterns. Look for sprinkles with multiple sprouts and varying water pressure. Now, you can cool off while having fun!

Apply Ice to Your Body’s Pressure Points 

If you’re in a tizzy, dig out some ice from the freezer and apply it on your pressure points. You can also use an ice pack or a bottle of iced water. Your pressure points alleviate all the stress and heat. 

The body’s pressure points are where the veins are closest to your skin’s surface. This process lowers your blood’s temperature swiftly and makes you feel colder. 

If you’re in a hurry and need to cool down quickly, place your wrists under cold water. You can see the blood vessels in your wrist. So you know the blood will cool faster there. Now, you’ll feel the heat dissipate in no time. 

Sip on Coconut Water

You already know drinking water is a prerequisite for remaining hydrated. So what happens when you’re in the sun all day? Of course, water helps, but there’s something better. The special drink is coconut water. 

If you need an immediate solution, you should drink coconut water. Not only do you get hydrated immediately, but you also get an influx of vitamins and minerals. The electrolytes in this drink re-energize your body too. 

Get a Glass of Iced Peppermint Tea 

A cold glass of peppermint tea will rejuvenate you in an instant. Peppermint has excellent cooling effects. All you have to do is diffuse a peppermint tea bag in a glass of cold water. 

The high natural menthol in the peppermint leaves produces cooling effects. It satiates thirst and eases your breathing. Overall, your cold receptors are happy, and your body is at ease. 

Iced peppermint tea makes the perfect summer drink. It’s refreshing, cooling, and delicious! Add some mint leaves or a dash of lemon juice to elevate it. 

Set Up a Cooling Cross Breeze

Setting up a cross breeze in your rooms helps you feel calmer too. Just place a fan, opposite to the window, across the room. Once a breeze comes in and meets the fan, a cool cross breeze is formed. Get multiple fans for better results. You can also try placing a bottle of iced water in front of the fans. 

Block the Sun! 

If your room faces the sun, get all the sun blockers you can. These rooms tend to warm up the fastest. However, they also remain hot throughout the day. 

The easiest trick on the books is closing your curtains. It wards off any excess heat coming in from the outside. Getting dark-colored curtains for your home is even better. These absorb heat better than light-colored ones. 

Cool Down the Bedding

People who can sleep while it’s hot outside have superpowers. It’s tough to fall asleep when you’re hot and sweaty. Here are some odd but useful ways to get snug. 

Put your pillowcases and sheets in the freezer before going to bed. It sounds bonkers, but you should trust the process! The chilled sheet feels heavenly on your skin, especially on a humid day. You can also cool down by placing a bottle of iced by your feet.

Final Thoughts 

It’s hard not to love summer. Summer is the season for poolside parties and sunbathing. The days are longer, and Vitamin D comes in abundance. Also, you get a massive boost in serotonin. 

While the warm weather is lovely and the tan looks stellar, you need to keep yourself cool. You don’t want to face a heat stroke. Or worse, get hyperthermia. So use these genius tricks to beat the heat!

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