7 Swanky Lighting Designs Embellished With Chrome to Keep Up With the Trend

7 Swanky Lighting Designs Embellished With Chrome to Keep Up With the Trend

7 Swanky Lighting Designs Embellished: Chrome has stormed back into the home decor and lighting scene and it’s time that you got back with the trend too. Chrome decor went out of the spotlight in the previous decade but it looks like this element is back with a bang. Chrome embellished decor is the new fad and looks like this might become the next evergreen trend of the decor industry. From the house of The White Teak, we bring to you an exclusive collection of luxurious chrome embellished lighting fixtures that will lend an unmatchable aura to your living space. 

Have a good look and take a pick that best suits your moods and your energy…

  1. Chandelier – So in love – This piece is luxury redefined. With crystals and a chrome finish, this chandelier will definitely give your home a palatial look. Calling this chandelier beautiful would be an understatement and this becomes a must-buy if you want that much needed opulent touch for your decor.
  2. Chandelier ceiling fan – Bond Street – This is another trending lighting fixture that’s taken the industry by storm. This exquisite piece comes with a chrome embellished base and rotor along with blades finished with a walnut hue. Clear glass lamp shades accentuate the look of this designer fan. 
  3. Pendant light – Distantly – One of the best minimalist pieces in our collection, this chrome embellished beauty boasts a modern and practical design that’s high on functionality. With its simple and subtle look, it can blend into any and every existing decor. 
  4. Table lamp – Pull the plug – This piece is a true beauty to behold. Minimalist and a modern design, with a matte black and chrome finish, this is one of our bestselling table lamps and it becomes a worthy inclusion to your personal space because of its effective and efficient design. 
  5. Wall light – Like despite – This piece debunks a massive myth that chrome embellished decor can’t be colourful enough and is mostly rustic in look. This beauty lends warmth to your space with its chrome finished base and the lampshade with ivory fabric. 
  6. Vanity wall light – It’s a must – As the name suggests, this vanity wall light is a must buy. Meant to light up your most personal space, this chrome heavy light will leave you energized for the rest of your day if you begin your day at that spot. 
  7. Floor lamp – Silent treatment  – This floor lamp is meant for chrome decor enthusiasts as it comes with a chrome embellished base and a graceful double fabric lampshade that lends an unmatchable aura to your living space.

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