Zoom Error Code 1054 (Dec 2020) Fix It!

Zoom Error Code 1054 (Dec 2020) Fix It!

Zoom Error Code 1054 (Dec 2020) Fix It! >> If you face trouble in your Zoom Account, then take some time to read this review; it might help you.

Zoom Error Code 1054In the time of this Pandemic, where everyone has advised to stay at home, everything has asked to shut down as people cannot go out to work.In countries like the United Kingdom, United States, India, the Pandemic wave has struck the hardest, and people have been advised to stay inside and continue their work from home.

It opened a new market for those digital platforms on which the working class can gather and discuss their plans. These platforms were essential as they allowed hundreds of people to come together and perform their meetings.Such a platform is Zoom; it provides a platform for anyone who wishes to conduct a meeting online irrespective of their appointment’s motive.

What is Zoom Error Code 1054?

While Zoom calls are the thing of the current time, and someone might think that they may pave the way for a new digital future, but that does not make it free from flaws; in other words, they are yet not flawless.There are some errors in Zoom, one such error is Code 1054, and this error, according to the survey on the internet, is faced by many of the Zoom callers.It is the error that occurs when the user’s password expires.

There is a Zoom system that requires the user to change their account’s password after a particular time. It has been done for security reasons, as changing the password after a specific time interval makes the account strong, and there are fewer chances of hacking.


  • Website: https://www.zoom.us/
  • Website Name: Zoom
  • Purpose: To conduct any Meeting
  • Date of Creation: 2002

How can you solve the Zoom Error Code 1054

As conducting Meetings is a crucial task, and there are delays in that due to some software error that cannot be taken lightly and something must get done regarding that.

The user can log in https://www.zoom.us/ into your account with the old password, and then it will let you set the new password, which can be whatever you like.The password changes after a particular time interval, like in a month or more, so every time this error occurs, one can simply follow the steps mentioned earlier, and that problem can be solved. 

What are the people’s thoughts on Zoom Error Code 1054

As this error is for the users’ safety only, it makes the account of the user strong and stops hacking, the public reaction is normal, but some are frustrated by this error as when this error comes for the first time, they have no idea what to do.


In conclusion, one can say that changing passwords after a particular time interval helps the account holder be safe from any misconduct and support the fight against hacking.Those who face this error the first time have advised to read Zoom Error Code 1054 reviews to understand the problem better, and by reading it, they can quickly solve the issue. 

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