Zolucky Scam (Nov 2020) Explore Reviews Below for Clarity.

Zolucky Scam (Nov 2020) Explore Reviews Below for Clarity.

Zolucky Scam (Nov 2020) Explore Reviews Below for Clarity. >> Want to know whether the above website it is legit or not? If yes, then go ahead and read the complete article to find it out yourself.

Nowadays, people prefer buying products online only as it saves their time, effort, and money, and they also get the best deals staying at their homes. One such website selling clothes and apparel is Zolucky.com, which operates from the United States.

But this website has received many critical reviews to date. So below, we will try to find out the truth behind various questions like – Zolucky Reviews, Is Zolucky legit or not, is Zolucky Scam real?

About Zolucky

Zolucky.com is a website selling clothes and apparel across the globe from the United States. They accept payment from various modes, like – Credit card, debit card, PayPal, and have a return policy of 15 days. They claim to refund the amount on returns within a week of that scheduled return. A product ordered on Zolucky.com can be canceled within 24 hours only.

But due to legitimacy issues, Zolucky Scam has been trending.

PROS of buying from Zolucky

  • They offer great discounts on their products.
  • Any search engine does not block Zolucky.
  • There are many products to choose from.
  • Its domain name: Zolucky.com, doesn’t carry any suspicious word.
  • Products are available with different size charts.
  • Dresses come in multiple sizes and colors with different patterns and designs.

CONS of buying from Zolucky

  • The official website (Zolucky.com) doesn’t have an exact address or phone number of the company’s registered office. 
  • Zolucky Scam has been trending seamlessly.
  • Full reviews of customers about this website are negative.
  • The website carries many plagiarized texts.
  • Its Facebook account has not seen any activity since June this year.
  • Offering the same products at huge discounts, which are being sold at websites like Amazon, Flipkart has formed a cloud of suspicion amongst the buyers.
  • People have complained about specific issues, like – delivery of wrong products, late delivery, no refund, delivery charges being asked by the website for returning products.
  • Website insisting too much for providing personal information to them.
  • Address of operation of the company on its Facebook profile is given of China.

Is Zolucky a legit website or not?

Taking the points above into consideration, it can be easily understood that this site is not legitimate. Some customers have had good experiences with Zolucky, with their products being delivered on time, the right products being offered to them, timely delivery, return and refund on time. Still, most customers have written negatively about this website, and they have been continuously supporting the Zolucky Scam claim.

And the things like – No address or phone number on the website, plagiarized content, speech on Facebook profile of China, etc. must not be ignored before buying from here.

Customer Reviews

There are mixed reviews on the legitimacy of Zolucky’s different products. But, if we put all those reviews in a nutshell, it is very much clear that customers have had a bad experience with this website. So, the trending topic – Zolucky Scam is wholly justified.

Final Verdict

After reading the article, it must be clear to everyone that Zolucky is a scam website that doesn’t deliver what it offers. And above all, this website has been developed to take away the personal information of people.

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  1. Awful business, stay clear. I ordered my wife 4 pairs of socks with seams on the bottom, they are unusable, and a blouse arrived with an ink stain right in the middle of the shirt. When I advised zolucky, they offered 15% off and showed me their policy to return to China at my expense. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY OR YOULL REGRET IT LIKE ME.

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