Zeyicp com Reviews (Dec) Is Zeyicp Com Legit Or Fake?

Zeyicp com Reviews (Dec) Is Zeyicp Com Legit Or Fake?

Zeyicp com Reviews (Dec) Is Zeyicp Com Legit Or Fake? >> This article is all about a website that proffers to deal with decorative items and winter clothing, and we found that it is not a legit site.

Zeyicp com Reviews: Winter and festive days are coming. After the celebrations of Halloween and Thanksgiving, people have started the preparation for Christmas. Everyone in the United States waits for Christmas and celebrates this with family and friends. Further, children enjoy it and enjoy the winter holidays. Besides this, this day is about lightening and spreading love. So, people decorate their homes with decorative lights.  

Further, before Christmas, every store put their stocks on sale. Also, online stores give huge discounts and offer on products. Here, we have a website that claims to deals in home decoration products and winter clothes and accessories.

Further, we know in this pandemic online shopping is the best way to purchase anything. But, some people are taking advantage of this pandemic and create a scam site. To know the website’s legitimacy, we will review this website to answer, Is Zeyicp com Legit?

What is Zeyicp com?

Before getting the answer for its legitimacy, we have to know about the website and website products. The Zeyicp com website is an E-commerce website that proffers to deals with creative designer goods, fashionable winter hats, phone cases, and baby clothes.

Further, this website does free shipping above the shopping on USD50.  Also, the price of products is quite reasonable and will not burden your festival budget.

To get the answer of products authenticity and quality, we have to explore it through Zeyicp com Reviews

Specifications of the Zeyicp com

URL:  if you are looking for the desired product in this shop, then click on https://www.zeyicp.com/.

Domain Creation Date: 19/10/2020

Products:  On this online store, you will get products like winter fashion hats, designer and creative goods, decorative mobile phone cases, and baby clothes. Further, in these categories, you will get products like Girl skirts, baby swimsuits, Apple iPhone mobile case, Christmas decorations, Diary, Eye masks, Plastic rulers, Hot water bottles, fashion hats, and many more. 

Product Description: In the product description, you will get the details of products like pattern weight, style, fabric or material, purpose, available color, and many others. Let us continue website analysis through Zeyicp com Reviews to get info on terms and conditions. 

Physical Address: This website mentions its physical Address as 155, North Mcdonnell Street, Byers, Colorado, 80103, United States.

Customer Support: To contact customers and solve queries website use email zeyicp@outlook.com and phone number +12512199045.

Shipping: It does doorstep delivery and deliveries take upto 22 days.

Return and Refund conditions: This website has 30 days return policy after receiving the product, and a refund or return is available for damaged products. 

Newsletter: For regular updates about the new arrival and offers, you can opt for the newsletter subscription. 

Payment Method: For shopping from this website, you can pay via Visa and Master Card. 

Let us discuss the pros and cons of the website via Zeyicp com Reviews.

Pros of Zeyicp com 

  • The connection of the website is secure for online shopping.
  • This website has mentioned its return and refund policies.
  • The shipping is free on shopping above a particular amount. 

Cons of Zeyicp com

  • The physical address of this store is misleading.
  • Other websites use the same mobile number for customer queries.
  • This online store doesn’t have a domain server for email queries. It used the public domain email id.
  • The option for product reviews is not available in the description.
  • Meager prices of goods create doubt about the quality. 
  • It does not have any social media account.

Is Zeyicp com Legit?

On the exploration, we get that website is new and has many negative points. Also, it missed important information like product review options. Furthermore, we don’t find any reviews of its products. Also, it’s information is similar to another site. So, this site is highly suspicious and is not legit. 

What did shoppers think of it?

On analysis of this site, we don’t find any customer reviews. So, we are not able to comment on its product quality. But, indeed, it not a legit site, so it may not deliver any product to you.

Final Verdict

On analysis, we get that it is a one-month-old site and the domain is created on 19/10/2020. Also, this website is not a legit site, and we don’t find any reviews. So, we suggest not to shop from this site and share this with your friends and family.

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