[Full Video Link] Yvonne Plaza Chua Video: Has The Scandal Details Found In Cctv Footage? Read Details Here!

[Full Video Link] Yvonne Plaza Chua Video: Has The Scandal Details Found In Cctv Footage? Read Details Here!

We informed the readers about Yvonne Plaza Chua Video. We also shared information about the culprits and who is the prime suspect.

Did you get the continuous news that happened in Davao City?  Individuals are staggered and stunned subsequent to getting the news. People from the Philippines and all around the planet are intrigued to know the story behind this show and who was responsible for it.  Assuming you are interested to know something similar, we have acquired all the data this article that will give you every one of the insights concerning Yvonne Court Chua Video.

Disclaimer-We advance no movement that can make viciousness, and this article is exclusively for educational purposes. And all the data given in the article is on the web.

What occurred in the Yvonne Court Chua Video?

In the video, a lady named Yvonne Square Chua was killed in the city. She was shot dead in the green Glades region simply before her home at Barangay Tugbok As per the video, there were 2 aggressors, and the two of them pursued away killing the lady.

What did police do subsequent to watching the Yvonne Chua Court Cctv film?

In the CCTV film, Davao city police saw that one assailant was in the motorbike and one more was pointing his weapon at Yvonne’s head. After they killed her, they pulled off the loss’ sack. Directly following finding the CCTV Movie, cops are at this point looking at the case. Additionally, as shown by Catherine Dela Rey, Agent of Davao City Police, either a singular disdain or robbery could be 2 likely clarifications behind this terrible exhibition.

Who is the suspect behind the Yvonne Chua Square Embarrassment?

Many individuals on the web have hauled B/Gen. Jesus Durante was a suspect said that he had been misusing her truly.  They likewise discussed a post about her where she was shrouded in wounds and said that she has a danger to her life. Regardless, the Tactical authority has prevented each one from getting the charges and relationship in this murder case.  He additionally has requested equity for Yvonne Chua Court.

What did B/Gen. Jesus Durante states on the Yvonne Chua Court Outrage?

He said Yvonne Chua Court was her companion and needed equity for her. He additionally added that he is being hauled for this situation in light of the post from the year before. He expressed that Yvonne had previously gotten out last year that Durante didn’t hurt her and that post was not so much for Durante.

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The last decision

Yvonne was killed before her home by 2 liable gatherings, and police are exploring Equipped power official Durante as he is the extraordinary suspect in this murder case. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1-Was the substance of the killer uncovered in the CCTV film?

A-No, the two of them were wearing head protectors that covered their entire face.

2-How old was Yvonne Chua Court?

A-She was 38 years of age when she lost her life.

3-How did Yvonne Chua Court make ends meet?

A-She was a financial specialist and a model.

4-What befell the sack that the killers took for the body?

A-They consumed every one of the individual possessions like ID, Cellphone, and all cards.

5-Has anybody admitted to the Yvonne Chua Court Embarrassment?

A-Indeed, according to the respondents’ admission, Durante valued the guilty party subsequent to hearing the killing insight about Yvonne.

6-Did Yvonne Chua Square reside in her own home?

A-She used to reside in a leased house.

7-Has Durante been hauled in jail?

A-Not yet. As he has denied every one of the charges.

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