Xnowride Reviews (Jan 2021) Is This An Online Scam?

Xnowride Reviews (Jan 2021) Is This An Online Scam?

Xnowride Reviews (Jan 2021) Is This An Online Scam?>> Do you love winter sports? Read this informative article about a website that claims to sell revolutionary winter equipment at a throwaway price.

Are you a skiing pro who is looking to buy skis this winter?

And did you miss the Black Friday deals this year?

Hey, don’t you worry! Here is a website based in the United States where you still have the last chance on Black Friday offers on unique mini skis.

The website claims to have this offer only for today and is also offering free shipping for a limited time.

This may sound like an irresistible deal for shopaholics. 

But is the offer worth it? Should you invest your time and money on this one? Time to ponder!

Read our Xnowride Reviews till the end to discover for yourself.

What is Xnowride?

Xnowride.com is an online store that sells one-of-a-kind snow equipment called Xnowride on its website. The store claims to it be the most innovative merchandise that one can trust for winter fun. And it also looks effortlessly easy to use. 

Xnowride is available at the special price of $129.99 vis-a-vis the regular price of $279.95. 

Also, if you buy two, you save $60. If you buy 4, you save $130 and buy 6; you save $210.

The store claims to be selling Xnowride at this price on Cyber Monday Discount available only this weekend! Also, the store is offering free worldwide shipping but only for a limited time. That sounds wonderful, isn’t it? 

You might want to head straight to order so that you do not miss out on this fantastic deal.

We still suggest that you read full Xnowride Reviews and then decide to purchase it.

Specifications of Xnowride:

  • Products- Winter sports equipment that comes with a sling bag
  • Website- https://xnowride.com/
  • Email- xnowride@gmail.com 
  • Address- 8000 NW 25 St, Miami, FL 33122
  • Customer support email- support@xnowride.comSupport@xnowride.com
  • Shipping fee- Free shipping worldwide for a limited time 
  • Shipping time- 5-7 days in the United States, 10-16 days in Canada, Australia, and the UK. 15-25 days in other countries across the world
  • Returns/Exchange- 30 days from the time you receive your order
  • Refunds- Within 1-10 business days
  • Mode of Payment- Online through major credit cards

Pros of Xnowride:

  • The website has an excellent user interface
  • Easy to use product
  • Reasonable pricing
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee

Cons of Xnowride:

  • The website has no accreditation by Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • The website has a recent domain name
  • It sells only one product type

Is Xnowride legit?

We will get an answer to this question with the following two sections of Xnowride Reviews.

On the surface, the website seems impeccable and offers a user-friendly experience. 

However, on examining closely, we come across certain loopholes that question the legitimacy of this website.

First, the “About Us” page claims the inception date of the company as of October 2018. But on searching over the internet, one discovers the domain date as November 2020.

This is a particular case of fraud. Why would any authentic company put its reputation at stake with false information?

Secondly, the website only sells one type of product. With so many merchandises available for winter sports, why would a company invest in trading only one product?

Therefore, in the light of the above-mentioned red flags, we decided to explore the website further. 

As always, what your customers say gives the fairest idea about a brand or a website. 

 In the following section, we will cover their reviews to unearth the real picture of Xnowride.

Xnowride Reviews by customers:

It is heartening to read sparkling reviews by customers on their website. They are all praises about the fast delivery, high-quality, and durability of the product.

The customers also rave about the company’s proactive customer support. 

But, as you navigate online and explore further, it is shocking to know that the customer reviews on their website are manipulated.

The company does feature on Instagram but has not even a single customer review.

Final verdict:

Going by what customers claim on the Xnowride website, we thought that we would be ending the article on a positive note. But on gathering online information, we found a different picture altogether.

Therefore, in the conclusion of our Xnowride Reviewswe suggest that you steer clear of this store. It is not a legit one.

Do share your reviews on this article by posting your comments here.

0 thoughts on “Xnowride Reviews (Jan 2021) Is This An Online Scam?

    1. Thank you, I did order, waited 12 day and nothing came back. Called Xnowride, no ringtone ever. Watched this video and called my bank and canceled. Thank you so much!!!

      1. update on xnowride scam, I sent them a text asking has it been shipped on the Dec. 13 no response called bank and Dec. 15th today I got a text saying they sent it by UPS and heres the tracking number. I checked to see if it had been sent no! It had been created but was not delivered to UPS and most likely never will but I will see. My bank is still processing this as a scam.

  1. Well, I wish I would have read this site first.. I have purchased two sets from them at the end of November, its been two weeks so far and I’ve yet to hear anything back from them. Their site says same day shipping and here we are with no word on when or if anything will be happening. I should have guessed by them not even having a phone number to contact them by. I feel dumb now but at least hopefully someone will read this before they make the same mistake I have.

  2. Do not order! I ordered11/23. Emailed several times no response. I got a response yesterday at 11:50 pm at 1:00 am I told them to cancel they told me ups already picked up. I told them impossible they said I will get a tracking number. I had already filed fraud on my credit card.

  3. I also wish I had read this first. They sent me a “tracking” email that has a USPS header with a nonexistant UPS tracking number. Thankfully I got my sons alternate Christmas presents. So disappointed. Total fraud.

  4. Ordered Dec 10th and never received E mails sent from 12/23 on were never answered. Of course payment was processed. Loved the idea and was devastated that my Grandson didn’t get them for Christmas and now I read all these comments! I will file fraud on this one as well.

  5. I think they are legit, just new and under-resourced. Took almost a month to get my order and only 1 pair arrived instead of 2, but their customer service person has been very responsive and helpful. The quality of the pair I received is impressive. I’m exited to try them today! Can’t wait for the second pair to arrive so I can get in a good, winter-road workout with my bestie.

  6. Feels like a scam. Places my order on Dec. 10th. Website claims shipping within 3-4 days of ordering. Contacted Xnowride on Dec 22nd to obtain tracking number. No tracking details or package received still to this day.

    Additionally, I’ve since moved out of state. I contacted Xnowride to update the shipping address. Received on 12/27/20 confirmation the address change. I’ve now received tracking details. Xnowride shipped to the wrong address/ address was not updated as stated by support on 12/27. Package appears to be out for delivery, again, to the wrong address.

    Looks like I paid $300 for something I’ll never receive. Feels like a complete scam. Reporting to BBB.

  7. I ordered on Dec 1…. End of month nothing and emailed them. They responded in a few days… So sorry.. Blah blah blah. We are backed up will send soon. Few more weeks, nadda. So I emailed again saying send guaranteed ship date or refund me. Two days later, got ups tracking. Tracked it and it said no info. (Thinking fraud) well, today they arrived!!!! It took 6 weeks, but I got them. Will find out sat if they suck.

  8. In short: I got mine. It’s not a scam.

    They arrived in January instead of December but that’s ok since there is no snow yet.
    I personally think that web site like yours which are using SEO to be on the top of the search via Google should be held accountable for what they write on internet.
    You can destroy an entire project/company and livehood of people by making a false statement like this.
    So correct it…, feel free to connect with me to check my claim. I am not connected with the company.

  9. I read this after ordering in December, so stopped payment thinking it was a scam. Lo and behold, they arrived today(February)! They look great, and I look forward to using them.

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