Xbox Series X (Nov) Must Read Before You Order!

Xbox Series X (Nov) Must Read Before You Order!

Xbox Series X (Nov) Must Read Before You Order! >> The write-up shares comprehensive details about the newly launched gaming console to make the right buying decision.  

Xbox Series X Do you want to be the first buyer of the newly launched Xbox Series X? Are you looking for the best place to order or purchase the new generation gaming console? offers you the opportunity to order the newly launched Xbox Series X. Gamers from the United Kingdom can now order their Xbox Series X from the ecommerce portal.

Xbox Series X is a powerful, fastest ever Xbox launched by the company. Gamers can play hundreds of titles from the fourth generation of consoles. All the games come with amazing graphics that give a lifelike feeling. is the ecommerce portal from where gamers can purchase the newly launched gaming console after the release date, i.e., the 10th November 2020. Apart from the gaming console, gamers can also purchase different game titles from the website to enjoy playing on the console. The game pass includes hundreds of graphic-rich games, and EA play membership, and online multiplayer games. 

What is Xbox Series X?

The robust, powerful, and fastest ever, Xbox Series X is the 4th generation gaming console where thousands of game titles from the 4th generation of consoles can be played. All the game titles are graphic-rich that offer a lifelike experience. The console will be available for purchase from 10th November onwards online, and gamers can get it from Xbox Series X  

The console’s core comprises the Xbox Velocity Architecture that combines a customized SSD with the integrated software program to offer streamlined and faster gameplay with the lowest loading time. 

The console allows a seamless shift from multiplayer games to other games with Quick Resume. The console allows exploring a new game world where gamers can enjoy excellent actions and gaming with 12 teraflops of graphic processing power. 

120fps back the console for 4K gaming experience and advanced 3D Spatial sounding for a lifelike experience. 


  • CPU– 3.8Ghz AMD Zen-2 based Octa-Core Processor 
  • Storage – 1TB NVMe SSD
  • Memory – 16GB
  • Manufacturer – Microsoft
  • Release Date – 10th November 2020-11-10
  • GPU – 12 Teraflops AMD RDNA 2GPU with 52CU
  • Resolution – Max 8K
  • Frame Rate – 120fps 
  • Ports – Ethernet, USB-A, and HDMI ports
  • Weight – 9.8 Pounds
  • Dimension – 11.9×5.9×5.9 inches 

Pros of Xbox Series X

  • Faster loading speed
  • Atmos and Dolby Vision Support
  • Backward compatibility for high-end games
  • 4K resolution support with 120fps gameplay
  • Modern and sleek design with auto cooling technology
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • New Generation Technology 
  • Available to purchase from different online retailers, including Xbox Series X 

Cons of Xbox Series X

  • A newly launched product so little reviews are available
  • Lacks with 1st party exclusive titles 
  • Not compatible with heavy and big games
  • Minimal UI improvement 
  • Launch library is missing  

Is Xbox Series X Legit or Scam?

Well, Xbox Series X needs no introduction as it is from a globally acclaimed manufacturer, Microsoft. So, we found no reason to consider it a scam. It is a legit product available for purchase from 10th November onwards, and buyers can purchase it online after it is available for purchase. 

The pre-order of the product is already over, and it will be released on 10th Nov. Buyers interested in buying the gaming console may visit Xbox Series X will be available after its release, and buyers from the United Kingdom and other nations can order it online from the ecommerce website.

Since the product is launched recently, it lacks in getting responses and feedback from verified buyers. After evaluation, we have found very few reviews on the product. So, buyers are requested to do their research before ordering the gaming console. 

Customer’s Reviews

After evaluating and analyzing, we have not found any experiences shared by the verified users of Xbox Series X. We have found the expectations and rumours about the product before its launch. Based on the expectations, Xbox Series X seems to be the powerful and fastest gaming console than Xbox One. 

People are sharing their experiences in the pre-order season and not about the actual product. So, buyers have to wait and research well before ordering from Xbox Series X


Xbox Series X is the new fourth-generation gaming console available for purchase after its release date, the 10th Nov 2020. Gamers who want to buy the gaming console online need to visit the ecommerce portal to place their order. 

Since it is not yet launched or used by verified buyers, customers have to wait until any review is released to make wise buying decisions. 

If there is something worth mentioning, please write it down in the comments section. 

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