Write For Us Jewellery – Grab Full Instruction Here!

Write For Us Jewellery – Grab Full Instruction Here!

The article elaborates on all the prerequisites of Write For Us Jewellery and other essential guidelines.

Do you have a particular fondness for jewellery? Well, jewellery is a novel field and quite extensive in its sense. There are multiple paradigms related to the jewellery industry. Hence, we are on the lookout for writers who are enthusiastic about writing content related to the industry and curious to explore more. This opportunity is for you, then. We bring the Write For Us Jewellery opportunity to showcase your skills and capabilities to your readers.

This article has detailed more about the opportunity and the prerequisites related to the chance.

Overview of our Website

We are an international website with a global audience. Our team comprises talented writers who put in everything to ensure the readers can take something and add value and knowledge. Our goal with this opportunity is to inform readers about things they are still unaware of. That is the same that we expect from our Write for Us + Jewellery articles, which is different from other content already available on the internet.

However, we look for the best when it comes to selecting writers. You must be curious to explain the topic, play with words, and develop content crafted in a way the readers can connect with. Other than blogs on jewellery, there are also multiple categories which readers love. These are:

News Articles: These articles aim to inform the audience about the facts. We bring articles from local or international sources through this category, which readers must know.

Website and Product Review: With more and more websites getting started each day to sell or buy products, it is necessary to know that the users are not scammed. That is the motto of our review category.

Apart from these, we also have other viral categories, including content on science, crypto, games, health and more.

Jewellery Write for Us – Important Guidelines for Guest Blogging

Developing content related to jewellery is hugely different. It is not only a unique category but also an interesting one. However, it remains to be explored. Hence, we want writers curious to research and explore various aspects of the genre and develop articles. Besides, using appropriate sources.

So, we have enlisted a few criteria to follow for guest blogging. Which are:

“Write for Us” + Jewellery content requirements. Our writers must be professionals when crafting content related to jewellery as a topic, whether you are a graduate or have specialized in the field. However, if you are a fresher or a writer, you must be able to draft the best engaging content. So, do not wait and grab the chance.

Professional Needs: If you are a writer and are enthusiastic about writing, here is the chance to try it out.

Knowledge and Informative Content: The articles must be appropriately structured and built to share knowledge.

Jewellery + “Write for Us” – Suggestions for Topic

Some of the prominent topics related to jewellery:

  • Significance and history of birthstones
  • How has technology brought a revolution in jewellery-making
  • Adopting 3D printing and CAD in modern jewellery-making
  • What are the cultural beliefs related to Jewellery
  • Impact of Social Media on current jewellery Trends and customer preferences
  • Revolutionizing jewellery with wearable technology
  • The changing phases of jewellery design and technology
  • How has jewellery and preferences related to genders have changed over the years
  • Some of the famous museums for jewellery around the globe
  • How to design ethical and sustainable jewellery
  • Process of creating and personalizing one-of-a-kind jewellery
  • The change in the art and craft of jewellery designs

Jewellery “Write for Us” – Detailed Guidelines

We deem to produce high-quality content that adds to the reader’s knowledge base. Thus, we expect our writers to follow the set of standard guidelines that meet the needs of content requirements before publication. These are:

  • Maintain a sentence length of 20 words and 150 words in each paragraph
  • Stay within a word limit of 1000 words. Try to keep it between 750 to approximate 1000 word
  • Each section must be well connected, and try not to go on tangents concerning the topic
  • Ensure the content is informative and does not have any promotional tone of advertising any product or service related to the industry.
  • The content related to Jewellery + “Write for Us” articles should be original and not generated using any AI tool. It is recommended not to use AI for crafting content, which may get rejected by our team.
  • Thoroughly check the content for grammar and also for plagiarism before publication.

Important SEO Guidelines

Following the SEO guidelines to rank the content on SERP is necessary. These parameters include:

  • The keywords must match the topic
  • Add title and meta descriptions
  • The title tag must not exceed 55 characters
  • Do not add too much of keywords
  • Add multiple paragraphs and add heading tags
  • Do not add unnecessary content

Essential Criteria for “Write for Us” + Jewellery Content

Writers must share sample content at braydenwilson763@gmail.com. The file should be in Word format or Google Doc format. We do not recommend sharing content in PDF.

Final Conclusion

This article covers all the details and information for crafting Write For Us Jewellery content. We also recommend that all the writers review the guidelines and policies before you start developing an article on the topic. We have also enlisted the requirements that the writers and all participants should mandatorily follow. Follow the criteria that is added in all the sections, to develop a content that is well written and engaging.If you have any questions about the sections, we request all participants share them via email. We will ensure that all the questions are answered without delay.

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