Write For Us General  – Check Latest Rules 2024 Here

Write For Us General – Check Latest Rules 2024 Here

This analysis on Write for Us General will let you know about the right steps to share the post with the team of Mecedorama. Please read it here. 

Have you been searching for opportunities that can help to build your career as a content contributor? The contributors can write the Write for Us General for the Mecedorama website as it welcomes the content from those contributors who can write the facts on the trending topics that are general. In this article, we have shared the details on the ways of preparing the guest post for the Mecedorama website. Kindly read all the steps without skipping any section

About Mecedorama! 

You must have come across several online sites that work in diverse fields and enable the readers to get authentic information on the worldwide popular news in different categories. In the same way, Mecedorama works by helping online readers get updates on different popular topics like Write for Us + General. It includes all the general topics that might be related to sports, the environment, or any other. We cover all the necessary details which are mostly trending on different social media sites and news channels. Some details are difficult to understand, but we prepare the content which everyone can understand easily. We also cover the facts on politics, entertainment, history, bitcoin, website reviews, books, furniture, product reviews, cryptocurrency, insurance, manufacturing, technology, science, education, home decor, pets, authors, skincare, travel, health, organic food, etc. These subjects are covered by multiple trustworthy sites and the facts on our website are reliable.

The Principal to write the General Write for Us

The contributors may be impressed with the opportunities provided by us. However, this guest post cannot be written by anyone who is not aware of the guidelines of the Mecedorama. For writing the content of our website, you need to understand the guidelines of our website. Please go through the guidelines shared here: 

  • The contributors should check the mistakes through the Grammarly tools. It must have scored more than 98 percent. You have to rectify the spelling mistakes and grammar errors.
  • The plagiarism amount should be zero in the content. If you are copying the content from any other source, we cannot accept such articles from the contributors.
  • The “Write for Us” + General cannot be written after taking help from artificial intelligence. It will not be suitable for us.
  • The content should contain a hyperlink which has to be pasted only after completing 80 percent of the content. 
  • The hyperlink should be added in the green shade and the internal link and the keywords in the guest post should be given the blue color. 
  • The pictures can be added to the guest post. These pictures should be decent and they should be related to the content. 
  • The guest post has to be written in around 500-1000 words. Kindly keep the limit in mind.
  • The General + “Write for Us” needs to have a hyperlink having the minimum spam count. The spam count should range from 2-3 percent. 
  • The reading score in the guest article must lie within the 90-100 percent limit. 
  • The description of the guest post should be between 97 to 160 characters. It must be short as well as informative. 
  • The introduction and conclusion sections of the guest article should have words altogether around 160. 
  • The gaps of words between the keywords must lie between 90-110 words. 
  • You need to keep the article private until it has been uploaded to our website.

Topics For The General “Write for Us”

  • What are the trending general topics? 
  • Trending general news topics! 
  • How to cover authentic details on the subject? 
  • Sports-related topics in the news! 
  • Technology-related general news! 
  • General Awareness! 
  • How to Increase General Knowledge? 

You can choose some of these topics and help the readers to gain knowledge on these topics. Moreover, you can choose the topic of your choice and write the content on that subject. But, make sure that the readers should find the topic which can help generate views. 

Benefits of writing the article for Mecedorama! 

The contributors who are willing to build their career by writing the Write for Us General for the Mecedorama website will have many benefits that may not be visible in the short run, but you can experience them in the long run. The contributors will get the training from the trained experts. They also get mass exposure while working with our team. Also, they get the chance to work with popular sites like ours which have high SERP ranks.

Who can write? 

If you wonder about the criteria for writing the guest post, then anyone who can write and communicate in English can write the guest post. You need to explore the facts on the Write for Us General, then you can write the content on this topic. You have to understand the concept of the guest post format. It does not matter what profession you are pursuing, you can continue working for our platform. 

Where to submit the guest post? 

The online contributors can submit their content at the mentioned email address: braydenwilson763@gmail.com.

Once the contributor has submitted the guest post, then they must wait patiently and should give time to our team to review and make any decision on the guest post.


Summing up this research on Write for Us General, we have mentioned some points that can help you to write guest posts on General topics that can be related to news or any other field. You can also take up the queries from us anytime if you are facing any issues. 

Would you like to gather more details on this post? Please let us know if any details are yet to be shared. We will share it with you as soon as possible.

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