Write For Us Furniture – Check Full Guidelines Here!

Write For Us Furniture – Check Full Guidelines Here!

Familiarize yourself with the goals, tone, and target audience of Mecedorama.com to adapt your Write For Us Furniture write-ups!

Mecedorama.com’s Furniture write-ups engage our readers with a passion for furniture, whether it’s the artistry behind handmade pieces or the trends shaping modern interiors.

If you are familiar with woodworking, carpentry, interior designing, or furniture making, you can share your expertise on materials, styles, and innovative techniques via Write For Us Furniture write-ups.

About Mecedorama.com:

Mecedorama.com aspires to be a notable source of Furniture-related information. We invite bloggers to contribute their write-ups to inspire, inform, and foster a deeper appreciation for the world of furniture among our curious and discerning audience. Mecedorama.com is a commercial knowledge-based platform publishing write-ups related but not limited to:

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Skill sets required:

  • Writers need the ability to thoroughly research Furniture-related subjects.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various Furniture-related topics is a prerequisite for writers.
  • Understanding the audience’s Furniture interests and preferences is essential.
  • Outstanding written communication skills are a requirement for writers.


  • Formal certification in woodworking, carpentry, interior design, or furniture making is not mandatory.
  • Writers are expected to demonstrate knowledge and skills through well-written Furniture Write for Us posts.
  • Preferred qualifications include professional experience in the Furniture market and proficiency in crafting diverse web content.

SEO Guidelines:

  • Ensure originality in Furniture write-ups; avoid copying from other write-ups.
  • Evaluate write-ups for a high readability score.
  • Maintain grammatical accuracy and avoid passive voice; more than 80% of write-ups should be in an active voice.
  • Eliminate redundancy and repetitions in Furniture write-ups.
  • Writers should avoid offensive content, words, or promotional links.
  • Consistently and appropriately use keywords for effective search engine optimization.

“Write for Us” + Furniture Content Writing Guidelines:

  • Furniture write-ups should offer accurate information, numeric figures, and facts, excluding gossip or false details.
  • Emphasize the subject of furniture and stay on topic without deviation.
  • Each Furniture write-up must include two backlinks, images without copyright restrictions, and Do-follow links.
  • Ensure comprehensive content elements: introductory section, pros and cons, FAQs, headings, bullet points, subheads, and reference links.
  • Provide an unbiased conclusion summarizing critical points in Furniture write-ups.
  • Maintain a word count between 800 and 1,500 words, using an approachable tone to engage readers of various backgrounds and Furniture expertise.
  • Proofread content for typos and misleading sentences to enhance clarity. 

Furniture + “Write for Us” General Guidelines:

  • Explore furniture materials, their impact on durability and aesthetics.
  • Cover historical and contemporary styles, addressing functionality and practical features.
  • Discuss customization options, including materials, colours, and sizes.
  • Highlight ergonomic design importance for comfort and health.
  • Explore eco-friendly practices, covering materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Provide maintenance tips for furniture lifespan extension.
  • Discuss cost factors, including materials, craftsmanship, and brand reputation.
  • Cover current trends in design, colours, and materials.
  • Offer insights into space optimization, especially in smaller living environments.
  • Explore cultural influences on design and preferences.
  • Share DIY ideas, encouraging creativity.
  • Furniture “Write for Us” posts may highlight artisan and handcrafted furniture craftsmanship.
  • Discuss the historical significance of iconic pieces.
  • Explore innovative furniture technology, including connectivity.
  • Examine cultural symbolism in certain furniture.
  • Showcase innovations in sustainable materials and advanced technologies.
  • Discuss furniture restoration and the trend of upcycling old pieces.
  • Provide a comprehensive furniture buying guide, considering various factors for informed choices.
  • Include expert opinions and personal experiences in your content.
  • Conclude with a call to action, inviting comments, feedback, and sharing write-ups.
  • Provide links to relevant resources, such as books, magazines, online tutorials, and blogging forums.

Write for Us + Furniture Topics:

Wood Types/Vintage Furniture Restoration/Vintage Finds/Upholstery Trends/Upcycled Pieces/Traditional vs. Modern Rugs/Timeless Furniture Pieces/Textures in Furniture/Sustainable Practices/Sustainable Outdoor Furniture/Sustainable Materials/Styles/Storage Solutions/Statement Pieces/Space Optimization/Smart Lighting in Furniture/Smart Furniture/Scandinavian Design/Rustic Decor/Restoration Techniques/Recycled Materials/Rattan and Wicker/Popular Wood Finishes/Popular Fabrics/Painted Furniture Ideas/Outdoor Lounge Ideas/Outdoor Furniture/Outdoor Dining Sets/Multifunctional Furniture/Modern vs. Traditional/Mixing Furniture Styles/Mixed Materials/Mirrored Furniture/Minimalist Decor/Mid-Century Modern/Luxury Furniture/Interior Design Tips/Innovative Designs/Industrial Design/Industrial Chic/Iconic Furniture/Home Theater Seating/Home Office Furniture/Home Library Furniture/Historical Significance/High-Tech Furniture/Hand-Painted Furniture/Handcrafted Designs/Geometric Designs/Upholstery Fabrics/Shopping Tips/Rental Trends/Furniture Placement/Layout Tips/Small Spaces/Scandi-Chic Interiors/Furniture for Pet Owners/Outdoor Entertaining/Meditation Spaces/Home Offices/Home Gyms/Furniture for Entertaining/Furniture for Aging in Place/Design Software/Design History/Floating Shelves/Furniture Write for Us on Feng Shui Principles/Feng Shui Furniture/Ergonomic Design/Entryway/Eco-Friendly Brands/DIY Upholstery/DIY Projects/DIY Paint Techniques/DIY Makeovers/Dining Room Trends/Customization Options/Customizable Shelving/Custom Furniture/Cultural Influences/Contemporary Trends/Contemporary Art in Furniture/Color Trends/Color Psychology/Coffee Table Trends/Coastal Living/Children’s Furniture/Care Tips/Built-in Furniture/Budget-Friendly Options/Bohemian Decor/Bedroom Furniture Ideas/Bar and Counter Stools/Artisan Craftsmanship/Art Deco Influence/Antique Restoration/Accent Furniture/Accent Chairs/Abstract Designs, Etc.

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Advantages of Furniture + “Write for Us”:

  • Crafting Furniture guest posts for Mecedorama.com offers visibility, establishing authority in the industry.
  • Reach a targeted audience seeking expert insights. 
  • Enhance your professional profile, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities. 
  • Elevate your online presence, contributing valuable content that resonates with readers passionate about furniture, design, and craftsmanship. 

Submitting write-ups:

  • Submit your Furniture write-ups to braydenwilson763@gmail.com for review or direct publication. If clarification is needed, email our editorial team. 

Final thoughts:

We retain the right to modify or remove portions of your submission. Once approved, refrain from submitting Furniture write-ups elsewhere. Our team will contact you before publication or within 24 hours of submission. Contributors can choose any Furniture-related topics. 

Were the guidelines for Furniture “Write for Us” posts informative? Please comment on these Furniture guest posts crafting directives.

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