Write For Us Cats – Check Complete Guidelines Here!

Write For Us Cats – Check Complete Guidelines Here!

This post elaborates in detail about Write For Us Cats and the elements that must be thoroughly followed in guest blogging.

Are you a cat person? Someone who loves to pet cats and enjoys being around them? Moreover, do you have any experience related to writing about pets, especially cats? If you tick all the boxes, here is an exemplary opportunity. Write For Us Cats is a novel category added to our website. We are looking for guest bloggers who can contribute their expertise, experience, and knowledge, thereby enlightening others who are also interested in knowing more about the little felines.

Detailed insight into the requirements, how to start with blog writing and other information are explained in the coming sections.

What is the Website About?

This opportunity is for an international website. We are ranked among the top five websites that are renowned for their content and articles, which are knowledgeable in nature. That is precisely what our panel works diligently about. Our team works day and night to upgrade their skills, what is something unique to add, and how to make the content enjoyable. This is for our Write for Us + Cats guest blogging for all pet lovers and writers who wish to showcase their thoughts to the audience.

We are working towards adding more categories that are interesting for the audience. In addition, we recommend that candidates go through the content structure related to other genres. Some of the top genres include:

  • Product and website reviews are among the top-ranking genres that have gained much traction. It primarily deals in unearthing sites and products that are scams and preventing users from buying or selling any services therein.
  • The other category is health, which, after COVID-19, has become a crucial matter globally. Herein, the topics widely deal with different aspects of the healthcare sector and informative and educative blogs.
  • Other prominent categories include technology, cryptocurrency, science, arts, and more.

Cats Write for Us – Topic Guidance for Fresh Writers

There are numerous topics to explore within the niche of pets, especially cats. We know it may seem challenging to pick unique ideas surrounding cats; hence, we have enlisted a few references you can pick up from sample articles.

  • How to Keep Your Feline Safe and Secured in Domestic Environment?
  • Interactive Games to Indulge with Your Cats
  • Exploring the Different Facets of Cat Behavior
  • Make Comfortable Spaces for Cats with these top DIY Techniques
  • Cats Photography: Capture the Charm of Felines
  • Essentials to Maintain Cat Health
  • How to Travel with Cats in a Stress-Free Environment
  • Maintain a Loving Relationship Between Cats and Kids
  • Help Felines Transition from Wild to Your Home
  • Navigating Troubles and Care for Feline Friends
  • Exploring How to Adopt a Cat
  • Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Environment for Cats

“Write for Us” + Cats – Who Can Participate in the Guest Blogging Opportunity?

Every website and platform on the internet has its set standards. We, too, have laid out a few norms that need to be mandatorily followed by candidates when applying for the guest blogging position. So, take advantage of the upcoming section that discusses eligibility for this opportunity.

  • There is no limitation to geography. All we want are candidates who excel or are acquainted with the topic.
  • Having previous writing experience is an advantage. In addition, we also welcome freshers to try their hands at this content writing position.
  • Graduates from any field and professionals can take up this guest blogging opportunity.
  • Vloggers and cat owners, pet lovers, and veterinarians are also well suited for this guest blogging related to cats.

Cats + “Write for Us” – Guidelines for Building an Amazing Guest Blog

Writing is an art that allows writers to explore their creative side and add it to the content. However, SEO is pivotal to the article’s core when writing guest blogs or online content. Although we all have the creativity to ooze out in the article, keywords are the spotlight grabbers.

Some of the essential aspects to take care of when building a content draft include the following:

  • Keywords must be used sparingly. Maintain appropriate distance/ gap between keywords.
  • Do not leave out the creative streak.
  • The content must shed light on something unique and must be informative in nature
  • We have set a content word limit of 750 to a maximum of 1000 words for our website.
  • We do not accept AI-developed content.
  • All Cats “Write for Us” articles must be thoroughly proofread before submission.
  • Writers must be able to understand reader requirement
  • Avoid repetition of sentences and information
  • It is recommended to incorporate images and stats wherever necessary
  • Any quotes or statistics should be backed by authentic sources.

SEO Guidelines

SEO or search engine optimization plays a pivotal role in content marketing. It is the backbone of articles to rank them in the search engine. Here are vital points that must be implemented in every article.

  • All the articles must be structured appropriately.
  • It must include an introduction of up to 100 words, sections, and a conclusion.
  • Include keywords in the introduction, section heads, content body, and conclusion.
  • Do not overstuff keywords
  • Use them organically in the sentences
  • Add internal and external links to authenticate the content
  • Use heading tags for sections for the search engines to understand the importance of the sections
  • Maintain one font type and font size throughout the content
  • Keep a margin of 1 cm on both the right and left side

Submission of Sample Articles for Write for Us + Cats Guest Blogging

For selection, candidates must submit a sample article aligning with the pointers mentioned in the above section. Our team will go through each content, and the approved ones will be informed through email. Sample articles must be shared in a Word document or Google Docs with access to the view set. Send the articles through email at braydenwilson763@gmail.com. We do not accept PDF formats.

Final Conclusion

Write For Us Cats guest blogging is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for writers. Whether you want to build your resume or strengthen your portfolio, writing for us is a great chance. We are eager to welcome guest bloggers who can contribute to our website. We request that all participants read the instructions correctly and implement them in the content. Know more about cats. If any confusion or doubt about any section arises, we request the query via email. Our team will ensure that your questions are resolved immediately.

Does this article cover all elements of guest blogging? Please give us your input in the comments box on what more can be added to make this an exciting read.

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