Wreckseem Reviews [Mar 2021] Legit or a Hoax Website?

Wreckseem Reviews [Mar 2021] Legit or a Hoax Website?

Wreckseem Reviews [Mar 2021] Legit or a Hoax Website? -> Do the store with trendy glass frames is trying to mislead the customers? Read the article to know the answer.

Are you looking for fashionable glasses? Does Wreckseem Store is providing safe deals? Is it worth buying? If you want the answers to all these questions, throw some light on our today’s article that shares Wreckseem Store’s details. 

Wearing trendy glasses are common in the United States. People look out for online stores to get perfect glasses for them. We are well aware that in the e-shopping world, every store can’t offer worth buying products. To know if Wreckseem is legit or not, we have to explore Wreckseem Reviews.

What is Wreckseem?

It is an online store with a collection of fashionable glasses for men. All the glasses available are for people who have myopia. With unique frame colors and designs, one can find a range of glasses varying from 0 degrees to – 4 degrees. 

The company offers classic frame styles that can provide a smart look to your face. Men with short-sightedness can have a check on the newest collection of the store. But firstly, let us confirm Is Wreckseem Legit? Stay tuned and keep reading to know. 

Specifications of Wreckseem

  • Type of portal – store with trendy glasses for men.
  • Mailing address – service@wreckseem.com
  • Calling number – 7242306050
  • Contact person – Dwayne Powell
  • Company’s address – 1307 W Lincoln Hwy 7103, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Payment options – PayPal
  • Shipping policy – products are shipped within 3-5 business days
  • Cost of shipping – no charges for people of the United States.
  • Return policy – 14 days are provided.
  • Refunds – only store credits.

Pros of Wreckseem

  • The collections of glasses are fantastic.
  • Proper shipping details are shared.

Cons of Wreckseem

  • Wreckseem Reviews were not found; instead, lots of complaints are raised against the portal.
  • Scam doc shows a one percent trust score indicating Wreckseem store is not suitable to be used.
  • The about us page shares irrelevant information and lacks details of the company’s past and business details.
  • The store does not have any social media icons and is not available on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The store is just four days old and is registered for the short term.

Is Wreckseem Legit?

Let’s have a look at some crucial facts about the portal that you might not aware of.

  1. The store was registered on 21 March 2021. Its services can be used only for a year.
  2. Scam doc indicates the portal to be dubious by sharing a one percent trust score.
  3. Alexa is not able to rank the portal due to less number of visitors. The portal is not popular.
  4. It lacks social media icons and is unavailable on Instagram and all other social media platforms.
  5. Wreckseem Reviews are not shared by any buyers. People are complaining on online platforms regarding the portal’s poor services.
  6. We found some hidden pages of the portal that sells headlight covers and unrelated goods at a weird price.
  7. The about us page information does not give details of the mission and vision.
  8. Contact details seem to be suspicious.
  9. A single payment option for the buyers is available.

Glancing at all these facts carefully, we concluded that Wreckseem store is a scam that wants to grab your money.

What are Wreckseem Reviews? 

It is a new portal, so it’s general to expect no reviews from the buyers. But it’s strange that four days have passed, and people are complaining against the portal. As per their saying the store’s products are same as available on other scam portals. People found the address of the store to be suspicious as Google Map does not flash any location.

No buyers have purchased products from the store. They all are reporting against the store.


With this, sharing our final verdict about the store, we have highlighted all the details to make you aware of Wreckseem Reviews. This is another scam portal that is selling irrelevant products on hidden pages and misleading its buyers.

The portal is new and is full of flaws. With a low trust score and low popularity, the store is selling fake products. The portal shares a short description of the glasses. No discounts and refunds are given to the customers.

Our suggestion to all readers is not to waste your money on scam stores like Wreckseem. The e-commerce world has many trustworthy sites that sell trendy and fashionable glasses, so explore them out.

Have you purchased glasses from Wreckseem? Do they ship you the correct item? Please share your comments in the comment section.

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