Wolfe Supply Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Wolfe Supply Real Or Scam?

Wolfe Supply Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Wolfe Supply Real Or Scam?

Wolfe Supply Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Wolfe Supply Real Or Scam? >> This post will help you in verifying the authenticity of the store that sells men’s winter clothing.

Is Wolf Supply Clothing Legit? Or the site is a scam! 

Winters and festivals are both approaching, so it is the perfect time to shop for clothing. But, shopping under budget is seems impossible these days. No worries, we have found this unique store on the internet that sells men’s clothing at highly competent prices. Let’s dig deep and learn about the store in-depth in these Wolfe Supply Reviews. 

Wolf Supply Clothing is the men’s clothing and accessories store. It includes a wide range of trendy clothing wears like jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters, etc. at low prices. 

The site is registered in the United States and has excellent advertising strategies to enhance its customer reach. Shoppers will get expensive and quality clothing at half prices on its sale. 

But, we advise you to learn about the website’s authenticity in these Wolf Supply Clothing Reviews and then share your card details with the store. 

What is Wolfe Supply?

Wolfe Supply Clothing is the men’s clothing e-store founded in May 2020.  The site is having an array of latest trend apparel available on it. You can also find a pullover, stylish hoodies, leather jackets, and sweaters at affordable prices as the site is having a clearance sale on it

Besides this, the store is claiming to provide 100% high-quality material clothing that looks stylish and keeps you warm from inside. Now you don’t have to put multiple layers of woolen clothing as the Wolf Supply delivers a stylish and quality winter collection that one jacket is enough to keep you warm in the cold season.

The sale is going to end soon, so hurry up! But please don’t forget to read these Wolf Supply Clothing Reviews before ordering and verify the site’s actual objective.

If you are a style chaser and a real fashion enthusiast, then we bet you can’t be able to take your gaze from the Wolf Supply Clothing collection. 

What are the specifications of Wolfe Supply?

  • Website link – https://wolfesupply.com/
  • Location- The United States
  • Items – Men’s clothing & accessories 
  • Email address – support@wolfsupply.com
  • Store’s phone number – Not available 
  • Company location – 312 W 2nd St.Casper, WY 82601
  • Flat discount – the site is having clearance sale available on it. 
  • Newsletter- available 
  • Delivery duration – 10-25 business days 
  • Delivery chargers – Free shipping 
  • Tracking feature – available 
  • Order cancellation – Allowed with terms & conditions
  • Return and exchange – You can return your order within 30 days. 
  • Refund policy – within certain days
  • Payment – VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Gpay, and apple pay

What are the pros of shopping from Wolfe Supply?

  • The site has a clearance sale on it where it is selling all the items at half price.
  • Customers can get an additional 10% off by subscribing to its newsletter.
  • The site is selling quality and trendy men’s clothing items. 
  • The website has a free shipping policy.
  • The site is accepting returns and exchanges.

What are the cons of shopping from Wolfe Supply?

  • There is no Wolfe Supply Reviews found anywhere. 
  • The site holds incomplete contact details. 
  • The website domain is only five months old, as it is registered in May 2020.
  • We haven’t found any relevant search results over the network regarding the store.

Is Wolfe Supply Clothing Legit?

Wolfe Supply Clothing is the ecommerce store deals with men’s clothing. The store has a wide range of latest winter season clothing available on it. Moreover, shoppers can get high-quality clothes under budget as the store is selling all the products at half price in its warehouse sale. 

Is Wolf Supply Clothing Legit? To be honest, we can’t trust the site entirely as there are no evidence available that proves the site’s authenticity. 

What is the customer feedback regarding Wolfe Supply Clothing?

Wolfe Supply Clothing seems an attractive store, but it lacks to provide the customer’s reviews, and neither the site hold any social media page link on it. Apart from it, there is no post and reviews published on the internet till yet. 

Hence due to this reason, we could not be able to gather Wolfe Supply Reviews. 

Final Verdict 

As per our research, the Wolfe Supply Clothing store is not entirely reliable. The site has various shortcomings, like it does not hold complete contact details regarding the company. It does not have customer reviews. It is only a few months old etc.

Thus, due to all the above reasons, we suggest interested buyers verify everything at their end, as we conclude it by saying it a possible scam.

Kindly write your concerns and remarks in the comments section below and share these Wolfe Supply Reviews with others. 

0 thoughts on “Wolfe Supply Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Wolfe Supply Real Or Scam?

  1. Had the feeling the site was a scam after being redirected to it from an out of business advertisement. Liked the clothes, but never heard of the business and the website stated nothing about going out of business or had links to social.

    1. Yes over priced cheap junk, you can get better quality clothing at Walmart than this place. I ordered there, so called Wolf Tactical Armory Hoodie Black. list price $239 on-sale for $39.00 pure ripoff…

  2. Well yeah maybe I should’ve did more homework on this site and their cool looking and sounding clothes yes the price was WOW !! Very good prices so now that we’ve already ordered 2 jackets we’ll hope they’re as good ss they look and say they are .Will definitely write again after receiving our items can’t wait they look awesome and half priced !!!!

  3. Ok guys. The products listed on this website is legit. I sent an email
    And the response came back using an it tool called Zendesk. It’s a support tool must companies use to track support calls.

    The products they are selling comes off the app called Wish. The hoodies can be purchased off Wish for <$20. Just search Tactical hoodies in Google and you will find them – I did. I almost pulled the trigger, but I decided to dig around. Polyester sweatshirts. I’ll pass.

  4. Took a chance and placed a relatively inexpensive order after confirming that the business is based out of Wyoming. Several days after placing my order, I received a confirmation email with a tracking number…FROM CHINA! I suspect that the business may not even be American owned, as numerous store frontsoje this have been popping up on EBay over the past several years. Chinese owned but with U.S. based business addresses, nothing more than a mail drop. Not to be trusted.

  5. Hoping this is legit. The price was great. I ordered November 4th and it’s already been ten days. Had to email them in order to get a tracking number. It’s finally arrived in the US and has been from California to Nevada but is moving very slowly. Seems to stay in one location for two days. Will write another review here once receive the product.

  6. Placed an order 10-31-20….still waiting for delivery……coming from China……I sent an email to support and have received a timely response….my question was why it was showing receipt at Glendale heights, Illinois courier center….No updates for 5 days…Got response from support with a tracking number update and it showed package is now in Evansville, Indiana postal service distribution center…..
    Wasn’t really worried until I saw reviews about a potential scam company…….they did offer a 50 % discount on a new order because of my delays incurred….
    I will update this site when (?) I receive my order….The price’s and merchandise on the website look impressive….the shipping, even though it is coming out of China, are a concern………

  7. I ordered a couple hoodies and a pair of shorts on 11-4-20. As others have stated, it ships from China which I was unaware of previous to ordering. I did receive the merchandise on 11-20-20 ultimately through usps. The quality is not as described on the beautifully designed website. The hoodies for 39.99 are stated to be Premium Blend of Cotton/Polyester. The tag inside states 100% polyester, and it feels that way. It’s not horrible, but to me it is overpriced at $39.99 let alone the stated list in the $200’s. Here the problem, I am trying to return all 3 items as stated with the 30 Day Return Policy. The email address listed on the site is spelled 2 different ways support@wolfsupply.com and support@wolfesupply.com, neither work. Gmail sent me an undeliverable message. I did locate a phone number on my Amex account, that number rings to an answering machine. I am disputing the charge through the credit card. Apparently the use a CC processor called Stripe. Amex asked me if I wanted to deal with them, I declined, let them handle this.

  8. So I ordered a tactical hoodie 11/14/2020. Was surprised and not excited when I got the shipping confirmation stating it was coming from China. However, I received the hoodie today, 11/27/2020 so overall, not bad. The sizing I was pretty frustrated about at first. I normally wear an XL sized shirt and depending on the sweatshirt, get a 2XL. This is what I ordered from the site based off the sizing chart they provided. However, received a 4XL today. When I put it on, it fits fine in the chest and torso area, however the sleeves are just a touch short and loose in the cuff. Overall impression…probably wont purchase from this company again. Sizing not consistent with what they suggest on their sizing chart and would have liked to know their items ship from China prior to ordering…

    1. I smelled a rat when i saw their ads, looks like US Co, then when you do a search there is only a registered address and no phone no,this speaks volumes………. China. Quality is crap and overprice. KEEP AWAY!!!

  9. Buyer beware!

    I ordered the hoodies and jackets as gifts for my sons back on November 7. I subsequently received the shipping confirmations, and finally the merchandise on November 23. To say the least, all items are of sub-par quality, even for the discounted pricing. There’s nothing tactical in the quality of the fabric or construction. They are not tagged with a brand and so flimsy I’d be embarrassed to gift them to anyone.

    The following morning I sent an email basically stating the quality is not what was expected and I would like to use their return policy (products not worn and in original packaging). I received the automated reply from “Wolf Supply” and “This email is a service from Wolf Surplus. Delivered by Zendesk” starting my request was received. Sometime later that day a message, also through Zendesk, BUT from ” Customer Support (Wolf Surplus)”, (which is a significant fact because I didn’t even notice this email until a few days later) stating:
    We are very sorry that you are disappointed with your order.
    Although we have many satisfied customers, we understand that our products may not be right one for some.
    Would you like to keep your order in exchange for a substantial refund of 50%?
    There’s no pressure! If you want a full refund, you can let me know and I will email you a return label.

    I responded this morning (11/28) with a thanks but no thanks requesting the return label. I will update this posting as the drama continues.

  10. Important update:
    This morning I received a message from “Wolfe Surplus”, support@wolfsurplus.zendesk.com:
    Due to COVID-19, I do not want to trouble you with dropping off the package at the post office during an active pandemic. My manager has agreed to let you keep your order, or donate it if you do not want to keep it.

    Your funds will be returned within 5-10 business days, depending on your bank.

    Although things did not work out, I hope you are completely satisfied with our customer service. I’d appreciate if you could leave me with a positive feedback regarding my customer service, if surveyed by Facebook/Google/my company.

    Thanks so much.

    And a separate message from “Wolfe Supply • support@wolfsurplus.com” with a refund notification of the entire purchase, consisting of the two Stripe Connect transactions.

    I’ll followup once more when the refund is credited to my account.

    1. In future pay with Paypal i had a problem similar to yours and was ignored by seller , Paypal stepped in and got my refund few weeks later.
      Check feedbacks although many times they are fakes, particularly when dealing with Chinese!!

    2. Any chance you received your refund yet Tricia? I received identical emails to what you’ve stated in your comments, and wondering if I too will receive a refund or not.

  11. I ordered a”Limited Edition” tactical armory hoodie on 11/16/2020. Received it 12/05/2020. It was nothing like described. Threadbare, flimsy, soft, pullover, no descriptive tags inside, no care instruction tag, no paperwork came with item, no return label, nothing. Also, I ordered an XL and they sent an XXXL. I sent an email asking for a return label and a refund.

  12. Received jacket ordered from Wolfe Supply. They sent a shipping tracking number but took a while before it had anything to track. All tracking and shipping initially was from China. Order once received by shipper took from 11-15 to 12-3-2020 to receive. Item was packaged very well. Jacket is well made and person who received as gift was very happy. I was happy that it was not a fraud scam site. As far as I know they changed their address because initially when I ordered the address was out of Sheridan, Wyoming. Just FYI. I did get my order but took a while.
    I called BBB when I thought I had been scammed and they said website looked like it was setup from China.
    Ordered larger jacket size. Sizes are a little smaller than standard.

  13. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE. I just received my hoodie and it’s worth more like $5 rather than the $40 they charged. I am going to try to return this product but not holding my breath. Just hope the credit card company can do something about it.

  14. Just received my order. Their shipping details say average 12 days. Took a month to get them and they are horrible. I wouldnt purchase these at any price. I ordered three hoodies in XL, received three labeled 3XL and they are the size of a medium plus the shape is all wrong and the material is awful. Sent two emails 1 with my receipt and order information and the other a screen shot of the day it was delivered with a request for a shipping label to return. If I dont hear back, I will file a complaint with my American Express. AmEx is very responsive to this sort of thing which is why I used it rather than Visa.

  15. I received my order, two “tactical jackets” and a “tactical sweater.” The zip-up sweater was fleece lined and nice and thick in quality, with a label that lists cashmere and wool content. The XL fit is true to size. I plan to keep it to give as a gift to my father. One of the brown tactical jackets that I purchased was the wrong color and did not match what they were showing on the website, and I wasn’t thrilled with the feel of the material. Size was exact and true to the measurements listed on the website however. I emailed and asked to return the two jackets for a full refund. They got back to me right away and asked if I would be willing to keep the items if they took 50% off. When I said no and that I preferred a refund, they said that instead of having me go to the Post Office in the middle of a pandemic, they would issue the full refund. I received a refund in the amount of $143.92 within a few days. So yes, its coming from China, like everything else you buy. The quality isn’t the absolute best, but for the products that I purchased, not the worst either. Their responses were prompt and courteous. Although I’m happy with the jacket, I’m glad to be done with the transaction as it made me totally uneasy after I received that tracking # that listed a 20 day transit time. Funny, though, I have stuff tied up in the US post office now that is taking just as long to ship. Also word to the wise, if you search Amazon, you can find these EXACT items, at the price point that is advertised on sale on this website. But there you’re dealing with the peace of mind of going through Amazon. Good luck!

  16. Yup. I took the bait on this one. I ordered the tactical goody and the zipper sweater. They arrived timely from a California address, no packing slip or accompanying paperwork. I definitely over paid…I doubt the hoody makes it through a wash. It’s the thinnest material I’ve seen. You can see logo through shirt. I think I paid $100 total, probably could have bought from Wish for $10 each

    Buyer beware

  17. From ??,Purchased 2 hoodies, sizes came up very small & on one there was a stitching fault, bottom of hoodie coming away. All emails replied to quickly & refund received very quickly, so 100% customer service but only 10% quality, items came from China. I did think I was only dealing with a company in USA.

  18. I knew it I also thought it was american made . Nope tracking came up china I ordered my jackets on December 17 for my son for Christmas. Hopefully they can read and understand 2 jackets large black. They have been sitting in a wearhouse for the last 4 days in n.j. a city that’s only a half hour away from mine. Tracking say I’ll be getting them on the 9th or the 10th of January. My son is driving to Arizona than Utah he is leaving on the 10th so hopefully it’s here by than . They need to be embarrassed and they need to be talked about he has a friend that works on The Joe Rogan show so this is definitely going to be brought up hopefully they go bankrupt

  19. Not the quality advertised! I ordered a hoody and it did arrive fairly quick from China. Low quality item however, thin material, no material specs inside, very short sleeves for a medium hoody. Don’t buy here!

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