Winkypony Reviews {Mar 2021} Is It A Safe Or Scam Site?

Winkypony Reviews {Mar 2021} Is It A Safe Or Scam Site?

Winkypony Reviews {Mar 2021} Is It A Safe Or Scam Site? >> Read to check legitimacy of a website, providing multiple products with heavy discounts & deals.

Winkypony Reviews would reveal a website that has a variety of products available for the buyers.

The website claims that they have an association with quality manufacturers to provide customized and especially quality-focused products to the United Kingdom buyers.

Let us stay here to find out how fruitful to visit this website is for a buyer.

What is the Website?

The website is an e-commerce portal where one can find various products related to multiple categories like Pet Supplies, Shoes and accessories, Sports and outdoor, Clothing, Baby and Kids, Houseware, and different toys for the kids.

What is unique about the Website?

The Winkypony Reviews conveys that website has huge discounts on various products along with that it has a Christmas sale also.

The website has a unique popup system that shows which are the most recently bought products.

The website’s mission is to provide quality and custom products.

Specifications of the Website:

  • The URL of the website to visit is
  • The Domain was created on 5th November 2020.
  • It provides free shipping and shipping time varies from country to country.
  • The payment options are: PayPal, Visa, Maestro, Discover Card, and Diners club card.
  • Cancellation possible within 12 hours post placing order.
  • Winkypony Reviews records the email address of the customer care as
  • Return policy: only damaged or wrong items within seven days of receiving.
  • Address and contact number not provided.

Pros of the website: 

  • The website offers a variety of products related to clothing, Kids, and Houseware products.
  • The products are well described with the specifications and details.

Cons of the website 

  • The website has received mostly negative reviews from the buyers of the United Kingdom.
  • The website offers a 40% discount along with if you buy two items, get 15% off, and if you buy three products, get 20% off, which seem to be very unrealistic.
  • The website has failed to provide vital contact information.

Is Winkypony Legit

To check the website’s legitimacy, we have checked various factors that will help you find whether this website is legit or not.

First, we will say that the website is just three months old, the website has no social media connections, and the website’s trust index is only 1%.

Information related to the owner, physical address, and contact number is missing from the website.

The ‘About Us’ section has any grammatical mistakes in it. The images of the products seem to be copied.

The customer reviews speak a very dissatisfied and negative opinion about the website. This proves that the answer to the question is the website is not entirely reliable..

Winkypony Reviews 

Customer reviews are critical from the genuine buyers to see whether the further buyer should go ahead with the website or not.

When we search for customer reviews on the genuine portal, we have found mixed reviews from genuine buyers.

Maximum buyers are dissatisfied with the portal as they have issues with the price charged post placing the order.

They have mentioned the website as a scam website, and also, they have said there they would have given zero stars to this website if possible.

One of the buyers said do not buy from these people. They are scam websites, and they keep changing their names to make the people scam.

Another buyer in the Winkypony Reviews said that she placed an order for Euro 14.49, but when the amount gets deducted from her bank, it was 17.59 euro, and when she asked about this more amounts, then there was no email account suspended from the website.

Similarly, many buyers have a complaint about the deduction of more amounts compared to the actual billing amount.

The website has gained a 2.3 score on a legit portal in the legitimacy and 1% trust index.

Observing all this, we would say that this website needs to be adequately researched before buying.

Final verdict 

We will say that we have website has got all the points that answers Is Winkypony Legit..

Missing address and contact number on the portal copied content, unrealistic price, short age, and mixed customer reviews make this website unreliable.

We advise our readers to research appropriately before making any purchase from this website and stay safe.

Have you tried to purchase anything from this website? Please do mention this in the section below.

10 thoughts on “Winkypony Reviews {Mar 2021} Is It A Safe Or Scam Site?

  1. have ordered ladies snowboots for 23.99 , not arrived and they took 26.39 from my account , this is a SCAM site
    it needs closing down

  2. I also ordered snow boots priced 23.99 and was charged an additional tax of £4. I have not received the boots and e.mailing them is a waste if time. I will never buy off this site again.

  3. I ordered the 3 pack of bras for £30 they did over charge by £6 but I contacted them and asked why they did , they refunded the £6 but I still haven’t received them I’ve emailed them and they just keep telling me they have posted them just wait for the tracking information, I’ve asked for a full refund but said the order has already been sent out

  4. Ordered snow boots. After a month they still hadn’t arrived. Got refund from PayPal. This came from “Dreassfemons Co Ltd”??

  5. I have been charged additional £3.00 quoting tax on my payment which is via PayPal. To date I have no refunds nor goods.

  6. I ordered the 3 bras that keep being advertised on Facebook and when I received them they were no way near the size that they should be.I have sent numerous emails but they will not refund or exchange as they keep saying that they sent the size that I ordered.

  7. i have ordered and received a pair of shoes not what I ordered and they tell me they are , and ive been charged tax , I am asking for a refund no hope of that

  8. These people are a total scam. They take more money than agreed and you will never get the order! They advertise on Facebook so I’m totally disgusted that they are allowed to do this!! No confidence in Facebook now either! PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OR PART WITH ANY MONEY!!

  9. I did receive my boots, albeit yes they cost a lot more than advertised with tax & postage. The pull up tags on back came straight off boots and they can’t be pulled in around leg as no cord around top of boot. I did complain about that but all they keep replying is we gave you the size you ordered. So no refund or exchange possible. My husband has repaired the tags but boots are not the same as ones on video. This is the only response l get. They are a scam website and l will definitely not recommend to anyone or buy anything from them again. Then most Chinese web sites are cheap rubbish.

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