Windysales.Com Reviews (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Deal?

Windysales.Com Reviews (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Deal?

Windysales.Com Reviews (Jan 2021) Is it a Legit Deal? >> Read this article if you want to know about a very recently created website which has so many products from many categories with great discounts and extra savings.

Haven’t so many new websites come on the Internet to sell so many different products ranging from one Department to another Department? 

Through this particular article of Reviews, we will talk about the website of, which people have been talking about, especially from the United States, to know its legitimacy.

We will know the details of the products so that customers may choose according to their preferences the products they wish to buy from this particular platform.

We will also talk about the system of price, and we will mention the types of discount if it is available on the website of We will also know the answer to the question of Is Legit.

What is is a website that has products like ornaments, facial serum, toned cream, bra, hair straightener, tools set, glass dispenser holder, etc. As far as the discount on all such products is concerned, customers can get discounts ranging from 15 US dollars to almost 50 US dollars on various products. 

We will talk about some products’ price, like the price of Christmas ornament is 29.99 US dollars, but after the discount, its price is 14.99 US dollars. Reviews found that the price of a hair straightener is 59.9 US dollars, but its price is 29.99 US dollars after the discount. The website claims to give 24/7 customer support to the customers.

Specifications of 

  • Website products: has products like hair straightener, facial serum, bra, dispenser Holder, hair straightener, tools set, etc.
  • Email: It is helpbreezyesale@gmail.ciom
  • Contact number: The contact number is +14127586556.
  • Guarantee: There will be a 30-day money-back guarantee on the website of for the customers.
  • Return policy: There will be a 30-day return policy on the website of for the customers.
  • Refund policy: After the approval of the return, the website of will give a refund to the customers on the product within certain days.
  • Payment method: Customers can buy the products on the website of using their major credit cards and debit cards and visa card, MasterCard and American Express, etc.

Pros of 

  • Reviews found that the website gives social media platforms for users to follow it.
  • There is going to be a 30-day money-back guarantee from the website of for the customers.
  • Customers can avail themselves of huge discounts on all departments’ products on the website of to make significant savings on their purchases.

Cons of 

  • The website of is very new because its domain age is just recent.
  • As far as the social media platform is concerned, we tried to open the website’s Facebook account, but we could not open it, which makes it difficult for customers to access it.
  • Too much discount on all the products makes it very difficult for customers to believe the products of to buy for them.

Customers’ Reviews Reviews did not find the customers’ reviews, but we found the information on some of the other websites, which have to say that the trust score of the website of is meager and no customer has given any ratings. 

We found the customers’ reviews only on the official website but those reviews are not reliable because other websites don’t mention customers’ reviews on the Internet.

Is Legit?

As far as the website is concerned, we haven’t got the customers’ reviews on this particular website, and its domain age is not much. As far as the domain age of the website is concerned, its domain age is just one month and 17 days.  

Through this particular article of Reviews, we can say that the information that we have got doesn’t specify anything positive about the website of; hence we will call it another scam from which the users and customers need to be careful.

Final verdict website doesn’t give any reliable thing about which customers can feel hopeful of getting the products of their choice that too with great discount as mentioned on the website. 

Such things happen, and many fake websites have come at this time, and they mostly get involved in scams and do not give customers any benefit. Therefore, it will be a sagacious thing for customers to remain circumspect about all such websites, including, so that they may remain free from any worry. 

Through this particular article of Reviews, we do not suggest any customers to buy any product your views and comments regarding this particular article on a website.

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