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Wimkin Reviews {Sep 2020} Complete Useful Information!

Wimkin Reviews

Wimkin Reviews {Sep 2020} Complete Useful Information! >> This article is for social networking site/app named Wimkin that has garnered a lot of popularity.

Off late, there has been a lot of uproar regarding the violation of strict rules on social networking sites. One can find a lot of content getting removed every day because of strict regulations on social media. 

Many people are now campaigning about the lack of freedom of speech on social media. Today, we will review an emerging social networking site that has gained a lot of popularity in the United States

You can read our Wimkin Reviews and know more about the website. So, read on. 

What is Wimkin?

Wimkin is a popular social media platform in the United States that is promoted with ‘Uncensored Social media.’ Wimkin has already started creating a fan base for them. This one has an app for iOs as well as Android. The users can also use this via a desktop through the website ‘WIMKIN.COM.’

There has been a lot of uproar in the last few months about the lack of freedom of speech. People have started speaking openly about the censorship rules of the prevalent social networking sites. People think that these sites are tampering with their freedom of speech because they are afraid of it being removed from violating the policies every time they post content. 

It is where Wimkin comes into the picture. You can read our Wimkin Reviews and know more about this social networking site

Wimkin provides users with freedom of speech; various groups related to social causes, which are usually taken down on other social networking sites, are running freely on Wimkin.

Specifications of Wimkin:

  • Website:
  • Product: Social Networking Site. 
  • USP: It allows freedom of speech.

Pros of Wimkin:

  • It allows the user freedom of speech.

Cons of Wimkin:

  • It is a small budget initiative that can fade out.

How does Wimkin function?

Wimkin works as an app for Android as well as iOS. Also, it functions as a website, allowing users to access social media. The USP of Wimkin is that it will enable the users to access complete freedom of speech. It doesn’t have strict privacy policies that hamper with the content that the individual posts. 

However, the thing that it is not a big-budget setup. A small group of people supports the company. We have analyzed various aspects of this site in Wimkin Reviews. 

Customer Reviews: 

The customers have claimed that they have found a lot of freedom of putting themselves out there on Wimkin. They think that it has allowed them to use social media without the fear of restrictions. You can read our Wimkin Reviews and know more about the site.

Our Final Take:

Thus, we think that Wimkin is a great initiative that allows the user with the freedom of speech. Though, it is a small budget initiative as of now; we would recommend our readers to try it so that it doesn’t die out in the long run. It is our Wimkin Reviews. 

In case you have come across this social networking site, you can write your experience in the comments section below.



  2. I signed up on WIMKIN yesterday and found it very user friendly. Have already joined a coule of groups and started a couple of groups. Have already gained 4 friends. The look and feel of it remind me of the old Facebook before they turned to censorship. So far I am very impressed.

  3. WTF! I was locked out of my account! After 29 minutes, got in to find my profile GONE! No posts anywhere. No threads. No feeds. Nothing! Logged out. Trued again to find out the site tells me “wrong email! Are you nuts!

  4. This is crap signed up fine and used site.
    Have not been able to get back on since.
    First it said client credintials incorrect
    Now it says email invalid.
    Screw this.

  5. I really liked it for about three days. Then it began experiencing attacks and was having lots of trouble. Suddenly it did not like my valid email address. So I finally tried to open another account with a different emai but now it doesn’t like my account name or user name. I’ll wait a week maybe and try one last time. I hope they can pull it together. Zuckerberg must have his goons working overtime.

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