Who Reduce Cycle Count COVID (Jan) Check The Threshold

Who Reduce Cycle Count COVID (Jan) Check The Threshold

Who Reduce Cycle Count COVID (Jan) Check The Threshold -> Is CT the best method to identify COVID patients? Check this post and find the real facts behind the CT for COVID.

Who reduces cycle count COVID? Are you curious to know the real fact behind this news? If yes, read this post. It shares the depth information about COVID United States.

The KDHE (Kans Department of Health and Environment) and Kans health and Environmental laboratories (KEHL) reduced the cycle count threshold real COVID test from 42 to 35 cycles. Here cycle threshold means the number of times and counts how infectious the given person is.

Who Reduce Cycle Count COVID?

The KDHE and KHEL use the real-time PCR to look out nucleic acid in SARS-COVID virus patient samples. The average cutoff of RT-PCR is 35. This news comes earlier this month after giving Dr Anthony Fauci and the United States WHO warnings that the High Threshold count cycle is the most commonly used test to check samples of COVID patients who often produce false results.  

The count cycle threshold is testing the samples of patients to determine how infectious the person is. The higher cycle count threshold needed to determine COVID infection, the lesser the risk of virus inpatient. Further, read the full report on who reduce cycle count COVID

Although, virologists say the patient who has cut off more than 35 is considered as false positives. And this is because the RT-PCR is detecting dead nucleic acid or genetics and non-contagious. KHEL most commonly used to cut off is 42 and currently is the most useful test available for COVID testing. On 7 January, the KHEL cutoff has changed to 35 and Fauci said the cut off should be 34.

Should the Cycle threshold value be valid?

Who reduce cycle count COVID– the Cycle Threshold. Nowadays, many labs providing cycle threshold values for positive tested COVID patients. If the CT value finds greater than 34, the person tested negative of COVID and vice versa. However, the numbers of hospitals said that the CT value is not a reliable way to identify the COVID infection as the kits vary from one test kit to another.

Currently, Mumbai based hospitals and laboratory starts providing CT value on RT-PCR (real transcription-polymerase chain reaction) it is real-time testing that derived to detect the infection present in a specific patient. Further, we found the labs are also giving a disclaimer that depicts the limits of CT value.

To identify you are infected with contagious disease or not. You have to count the Cycle Threshold occurs in the final statement. If you find count is greater than actual CT, which is 35 you are not infected.


Who reduce cycle count COVID The cycle threshold helps the doctor identify how much the given person is infectious. The people who have reported with high CT value are suggested to quarantine themselves at home itself. CT’s purpose is only to tell the patient whether he is positive or negative with COVID or not.  The only problem with CT is considered as a reliable method to identify positive COVID patients. It varies from one kit to another kit.

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