Who Is the Old Man With the Mask and Mittens {Jan 2021}

Who Is the Old Man With the Mask and Mittens {Jan 2021}

Who Is the Old Man With the Mask and Mittens {Jan 2021} >> Want to know the story of Old man with mittens? Get a halt & read here to end all social memes.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is the first sensation. Who Is the Old Man With the Mask and Mittens is the article wherein you will read the facts and figures of the memes, viral these days. This old man is none other than Bernie Sanders, who has been selectively noticed for his sensible apparel choices for Washington’s near-icy weather.

In the inauguration ceremony of U.S. President Joe Biden, the man wore an outdoorsy jacket with woolen mittens. This look of Bernie Sanders became the talk of the town in the United Kingdom and other regions. 

Inauguration Ceremony 

20 January 2021 is the date of the Inauguration ceremony of the U.S. President. The show was organized by the Joint Congressional Committee at the Washington Convention Center. Who Is the Old Man With the Mask and Mittens is all about the ceremony, in which Kamala Harris took pledge as the Vice President of the United States, and Joe Biden took oath as the new U.S. President.

Who is Bernard Sanders, the old man?

He is an American politician who served as the junior United States senator. He also worked as the U.S. Representative for the state’s at-large congressional district. Well-known in the United Kingdom and other countries, the man was available on the ‘new America’ rise day. His presence was exaggeratedly evident due to his attires and winter-care accessories. From here, some memes surfaced on Twitter.

The story behind Who Is the Old Man With the Mask and Mittens

On the proliferous event of the ceremony, how can the memers sit calmly on the Internet? The overall attire and look of the old man got so many memes. Some referred to him as a grumpy uncle attending a February wedding. Others considered him a man in an unheated waiting room. Whatever be the meme and its context, this old man brought new glory to the timeworn philosophy. His colorful and functional mittens stole the show on Twitter.

On the U.S. President Joe Biden’s inauguration, Bernie Sanders wanted to ward off the cold by wearing mittens, a practical winter coat, and a mask.

More about Who Is the Old Man With the Mask and Mittens 

Some people posted the old photograph of this old man, who got detained for protesting as a civil rights activist. Yes, the man has been an American favorite with his ‘healthcare for all’ policy. This Vermont senator has become the first super-viral meme of the Biden era. He was snapped while sitting legs crossed wearing mittens on a folding chair.

The Social media users photoshopped him in different scenarios. 

The viral Bernie reacted very calmly on his memes. He said that he was sitting there trying to keep warm and pay attention to the happenings of the event. 


In the article, Who Is the Old Man With the Mask and Mittensit has been made clear that the old man is Bernie Sanders. He talked about his humble outfit choice and the practicality of its attire about his memes on the Internet. 

The iconic look of the Senator has become a sensation. The Social media users were hurried to overlay on former U.S. presidential candidate and added captions on the photo of his over-bundled look. Do share your views on these memes in the comment box.

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