Who is Salwan Momika? (July 2023) A Firing Topic on International Media

Who is Salwan Momika? (July 2023) A Firing Topic on International Media

Who is Salwan Momika? Find all insights concerning Salwan Momika who is the Iraqi Christian man who acquired reputation for his contribution in a Quran-consuming occurrence in Sweden.

Who is Salwan Momika?

Who is Salwan Momika is an Iraqi Christian man who acquired reputation for his contribution in a Quran-consuming episode in Sweden. He hails from the Al-Hamdaniya Locale, found east of Mosul in Iraq. Momika, who is 37 years of age, came to unmistakable quality in the wake of trampling and burning down pages of the Islamic heavenly book before a significant mosque in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital. His activities started far and wide fights and judgment in Iraq and different areas of the planet.

Salwan Momika, an Iraqi public, escaped Iraq and looked for shelter in Sweden a couple of years prior. He got comfortable the district of Järna in Södertälje, which is situated in Stockholm Area. Who is Salwan Momika has as of late acquired consideration and reputation, yet sadly, he has turned into a figure of scorn among Muslim people. His activities, especially the Quran consuming episode, have caused profound offense and outrage inside the Muslim people group.

Momika is likewise answered to have recently driven the “Chaldean Hawks” civilian army in 2017, yet passed on the country because of debates with Ryan al-Kildani, the head of the “Babylon” ideological group. Ongoing occasions in Iraq have seen broad fights against Salwan Momika, an Iraqi Christian man who consumed the Quran and heads a volunteer army in Nineveh. The episode, which occurred in Sweden where Momika looked for shelter, has started shock among Iraqis, prompting requires his bringing home and arraignment.

Salwan Momika Intention and Proclamations

Salwan Momika, in a video posted via virtual entertainment, has uncovered his arrangements for a showing on the principal day of Eid. He means to do the dissent before a significant mosque in Stockholm, where he will consume the Quran. Momika has encouraged his friends and family dwelling in Stockholm to take part in the exhibit and deal their help both monetarily and inwardly.

Momika’s choice to consume the Quran originates from his faith in the significance of the right to speak freely of discourse. He has been cited in reports expressing, “This is a majority rules system. It is in harm’s way in the event that they let us know we can’t do this.” In that frame of mind for the dissent, which has been gotten to and cited by global media, Momika unequivocally communicates his longing to fight before the huge mosque in Stockholm and voice his viewpoints about the Quran by destroying it and setting it ablaze.

Response of Iraq

Iraq saw proceeded with well known fights this week criticizing Salwan Momika’s despoiling of the Quran. Momika, a 37-year-old Christian man from Al-Hamdaniya Region, trampled and put a match to pages of the Islamic blessed book before a significant mosque in Sweden’s capital on June 30. The demonstration, safeguarded under free-discourse regulations in Sweden, prompted far and wide judgment and showings in Iraq.

Following the episode, Iraq authoritatively mentioned Sweden to localize Salwan Momika to confront arraignment under the Iraqi reformatory code. Legitimate specialists have demonstrated that assuming attempted in Iraq, Momika could confront quite a while of detainment. The Iraqi government thinks about his activities a grave offense against the strict opinions of Muslims.

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