Whitiedesire com Reviews (Sep 2020) Is This A Reliable Site?

Whitiedesire com Reviews (Sep 2020) Is This A Reliable Site?

Whitiedesire com Reviews (Sep 2020) Is This A Reliable Site? >> This article provides unbiased reviews on a website that sells the most exclusive Halloween masks and related items.

Are you game for some spooky stuff to challenge your wits? Try visiting Whitiedesire com, a website that is sure to cast its spell on you. 

With a rare collection of Halloween masks and other related products, Whitiedesire is there to make your Halloween memorable. This website has already gained immense popularity with Halloween buffs all over the United States.

Our Whitiedesire com Reviews let us quickly explore if the website is as thrilling as it seems to be.

What is Whitiedesire com?

Come October, and there is a rush for all things eerie. People worldwide, especially in the United States, make a beeline for Halloween costumes, masks, and accessories. Everyone wants to dress up in their spookiest best. 

Whitiedesire com seems to be an upbeat website that claims to make your Halloween dream right.

It boasts of a rare collection of scary Halloween masks. The masks are available under interesting names and designs. You can buy Dark Octopus Steampunk, Japanese Dragon God, Japanese Samurai Assassin, Long Nose Bird Beak, and Majora’s Masks.

There are many more queer masks and headgears to choose from.

Halloween Holographic Projection, Jack-O-Lanterns Path Markers & Decorations, and Nutcrackers Jigsaw Puzzle are also other creepy stuff sold by them.

The merchandise available on the store is very reasonably priced. Some items are also available with great discounts.

Specifications of Whitiedesire com:

  • Products- Unique Halloween masks and some spooky items
  • Company name- Meledeo Company Ltd.
  • Website- https://whitiedesire.com/  
  • Address- 107-111 Fleet St., Greater London, The United Kingdom, EC4A2AB
  • Email- service@ywcsym.xyz
  • Phone number- Not given
  • Shipping time- 6 to 15 days
  • Shipping fee- Not clear
  • Exchanges/returns- Within 30 days of purchase
  • Email for returns- knorton286@gmail.com
  • Refunds- Applicable 
  • Mode of payment- Online through PayPal and Credit Cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express

Pros of Whitiedesire com:

  • Rare Halloween masks
  • Unique designs of masks
  • Reasonable prices of all items

Cons of Whitiedesire com:

  • Very generic About Us page
  • Free shipping only on orders over $49
  • Strikethrough prices to lure customers
  • The website is just four months old

Is Whitiedesire com legit?

Keeping the current situation in mind, people prefer the online mode of shopping over in-person purchases. Taking advantage of this fact, many online fraudsters are operating scam sites to dupe innocent customers.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to investigate a site before venturing to place an order properly. Same with Whitiedesire com.

While navigating through their website Whitiedesire com, one gets entranced by the rare Halloween masks. But, hold on! Before placing an order, please read the final verdict of our Whitiedesire com Reviews. 

Customer reviews on Whitiedesire com:

Despite such a unique collection of masks, there are no Whitiedesire com Reviews either on their web page or internet. 

They have no social media presence on any central platform. 

In the absence of any reviews, it was not easy to collect information about the company.

We had to dig hard to generate comprehensive Whitiedesire com Reviews for your benefit.

Final verdict:

The company does have an About Us page. Strangely, the page reveals no information about the background and owner of the company. The information on this page is very general; it can fit with any brand/product.

Also, the website mainly sells masks and very few other Halloween items. Any big brand dealing with Halloween merchandise will showcase a wide range of Halloween stuff, not just the masks. 

On exploring further, we found that if you click on their All Products tab, you come across hordes of unrelated items. The buttons (from 1-10) on the right-hand corner of this page display arbitrary products like backpacks, binoculars, and speakers.

Their shipping fee is also very confusing. The Home Page claims that they offer free shipping for orders over $49. But, under the Shipping Info, they claim to offer free shipping for orders above $39.99. Pretty erratic. 

Much other information under this page is a copy-paste from other fraudulent sites.

In this light, we have to conclude our Whitiedesire com Reviews on a negative note sadly. It is a very dubious website, and we strictly advise you to refrain from buying here. 

If you want to add any comments about your shopping experience at Whitiedesire com, please do so.

0 thoughts on “Whitiedesire com Reviews (Sep 2020) Is This A Reliable Site?

  1. Wish I’d read this review before I made a spontaneous purchase. I am waiting for confirmation that my item has been shipped (expedited delivery) for over a week now. Getting increasingly anxious that I’ve been duped. If all goes bad, I hope PayPal can step in to recover the cost. Fingers crossed – the masks look fantastic!

  2. Yep, I’m in the same boat as you David. Ordered 9/10, received an email stating my shipping label was printed on 9/22 and haven’t received any updates or responses to my further emails. I’ll be looking PayPal’s direction now, unfortunately.

  3. Same here! Ordered my mask around the 5th of October! No email or mention at all as to when or if it has been shipped. Tried to go to the website to contact someone but the website seems to have gone down. Feel like I’ve been duped! Scam!

  4. After a month, I finally got a delivery. Total piece of garbage mask. NOT anything like the photos/videos. TOTAL garbage. Does not have hair, like the videos show. Does not have a mouth. It’s just painted on hair and mustache. Does not conform to your face at all. This is like a $2 bad kids mask.

  5. I purchased two masks on September 12, 2020 and I still haven’t received a confirmation email that my package has been shipped. It’s now October 20, 2020

  6. Well, I received a mask. As was said by someone else, it’s not the same as advertised. No hair, no mouth and definitely not well fitting. Recognisable as a poor mask from 20m away. I’ll put this one down to experience and try not to be duped into buying something on-line impulsively again. I’ll try.

  7. Don’t ever buy from this site. I did get my mask but I had to file a claim with PayPal and then they finally sent it. But now the downside is that they sold my email to spammers and now I get about 10 or 12 spam emails a day. UGH!!! AVOID!!!

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