Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite {Feb} Read!

Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite {Feb} Read!

Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite {Feb} Read! >> If you want to complete the challenge then collect chocolate boxes in trending game, read here.

Are you trying to find chocolate boxes in Fortnite? The season 5 week 11 Fortnite challenges are live, and they are amazing. One of them requires gamers from United Kingdom, United States, and Canada to collect chocolate boxes from Holly Hedges, Pleasant Park, or Retail Row. 

So, if you do not want to spend your entire week going around these locations in the Fortnite map, you can take the help of this guide named “Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite“? 

About The Challenges:

You may already be aware that all of these challenges are themed on Valentine’s Day. If any player completes even one of them, then he will get the breathless blade pickaxe. The free pickaxe will not be given to the players until the next season. However, we expect the arrival of one or two updates before the end of this season.

Now, let us talk about these challenges and how to complete them. As mentioned above, one of them is to collect chocolate boxes. You are required to collect three boxes. So, you need to visit two of the given locations to get your job done. We are going to show you – Where are the chocolate boxes in Fortnite.

Locations of chocolate boxes in the Pleasant Park

  • The first chocolate box in the pleasant park is located in a tall building with blue colored paneling, at the southeast end of the pleasant park. You need to go to the top floor. It is kept in one of the bedside drawers.
  • The second box is kept in a house of yellow color, which is at the west of the pleasant park. Go to the room on the ground floor, which is facing the driveway, and check it on the desk.

Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite in Holly hedges?

  • The third box is on a bench in the garden, to the north of Holly hedges.
  • The fourth can be found inside a green colored house, which is in the southeast corner of holly hedges, in the ground floor room, on the table. 

Locations of Chocolate boxes in Retail Row

  • The fifth box is kept inside a house, that is south of the Retail row. You need to check into the upper floor eastern bedroom, it is lying on the bed.
  • The sixth one is in the Noms supermarket, at the north of the Retail row. It is kept on the middle checkout, which is next to a till.

 Final Verdict on Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite

Go ahead and collect the chocolate boxes, and you are one step closer to getting 20,000XP. Though these locations are far apart from each other, the bus route should not be a problem. You only have a few days left, as you can finish these challenges only by February 18, 2021. But they are worth completing, as they will fetch you a lot of XP. 

Are you also looking for the location of the chocolate boxes to win the challenge? Please do mention in the comment section below your experience and on Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite.

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