When In Olympus Fenyx (Jan) Find Out Information Here!

When In Olympus Fenyx (Jan) Find Out Information Here!

When In Olympus Fenyx (Jan) Find Out Information Here! >> Do you want to know about the New God DLC? Then, please check out this post till the end.

When in Olympus Fenyx: Do you know about the Immortal Fenyx Rising game? Then, you are in the right place, and we are here to discuss the new God update. The players are tackling some issues, which is why they have added DLC content of New God.   

People from the United States and the United Kingdom discuss the update that includes the Olympus, and we need to know about the same.

Let us know more about the game and see how effective the new DLC God update is.

A Few Words about Immortal Fenyx Rising

In the simplest form, it is an adventurous game that is a mixture of videos and action as developed by Ubisoft Quebec and the publisher was Unisoft. This game has launched for Amazon Luna, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X & S, Windows, and Xbox One, dated December 3rd, 2020.

Do you want to dig more into the new update? Then, let us know the same below.

Know About the New Update of When in Olympus Fenyx 

Ubisoft has a new update that is good to fix bugs and instabilities by adding proper support for the DLC content, known as A New God. It marks the first expansions of DLC as involved in the Season Pass of a video game, but no release date is available yet. The support has been shown in the game sooner.

What to expect from the New Update? 

Do you have any idea what we can expect from the A New God DLC? The developer then explains it as a “Protagonist Fenyx” that can combat with When in Olympus Fenyx to join Greek and meet the destiny. Previously released Season Pass proffers a glance at what it entails, but the gamers need to wait for how you can play it in the video game.

Also, the update is a great fix to sort out issues related to graphics, user interface, gameplay, and others.

Let us know what people think about this update. 

What are the People’s Reactions to this Update? 

While exploring the When in Olympus Fenyx, we found that people from the United States and the United Kingdom are talking about “A New God DLC,” and we found some mixed opinions on social media channels. We found that the people are in love with this update, and they loved enjoying it as it is automatically installed.

On the other hand, they said that it is too hard to play, and also, it has erased the playtime of five to six hours after installation. Further, people want some changes in the controls too to solve issues. Therefore, people have mixed reviews about this.  


After getting into the When in Olympus Fenyxwe found that the support is available to overcome some issues that the users are struggling with. But it seems a bit confusing for people according to the feedback that we got from digital platforms.

Please share your thoughts or comments in the comments section below.  

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