What Happened to Weekend Face (Jan) Know Why?

What Happened to Weekend Face (Jan) Know Why?

What Happened to Weekend Face (Jan) Know Why? >> This article discusses the reality behind the blood-stained and bandaged face of Weeknd.

Are you curious to know about What Happened to Weekend Face? If that is the case with you, you are in the correct place to quickly find out full details regarding it.The Weekend has been enjoying his life as a performing art in recent times. The star also executed at 2020 American Music Awards with even blood stained and wrapped in bandages face in the United States. Besides these, he is also famous in South Africa and Canada.However, the singer recognized as the Weekend (aka Abel Tesfaye) is currently really doing great. Usually, he wasn’t painful or scarred or anything like that. This is all part of the performance.

What happened at the event?

Throughout his performance with saxophonist Kenny G, he started walking throughout a Los Angeles walkway with firecrackers blowing out behind him, his face coated in white bandages, a red jacket, and dark trousers.The appearance seems to be from his video “Blinding Lights,” which also showcased that bouncers and drunken drivers haunted Tesfaye. To get more details about What Happened to Weekend Face, go through the article to the end.

What is expected in the year 2021?

In January 2021, nine months just after the final appearance of his bloody face, The Weeknd unveiled a video clip for “Save Your Tears” that also developed the bloodthirsty concept through revealing his identity as to what seems to become the outcome of cosmetic surgery (yet this current style, as well, is also not real—just it’s prosthetics).

All this began just about one year earlier, whenever The Weeknd concerned fans how the same make – up would show up mostly on SNL.Turns out, it was a guideline to his latest projects, which include his “Blinding Lights” video clip, throughout which bouncers, intoxicated have beaten him up, and found himself bloody and even worse to accessorize. 

Searching for more info, stay with us, and read the entire article What Happened to Weekend Face.

What is the reason behind his such appearance?

The Weekend has not described in detail how he’s been trying to wear this make-up for about one year, and though he referred to being in a meeting with Wide range.  Also, at Video Music Awards, when The Weeknd acknowledged his very next prize of both the evening for Greatest Rhythm and blues, he altogether avoided comments on his face in favor of an even more inspiring lesson.

But above all, this new video of the year 2021 was a description of the short film The Weekend for After Hours. The short movie leaked next to the music video; he wanders across the town, looking like a broken nose and watery eyes.To get more updates about it, follow the article What Happened to Weekend Face to the end. 


We get this much information regarding Weeknd, and it is expected that his appearance will remain the same for this year. We know that all of these fans are incredibly excited to see him again, and their wish will come true soon, as per different news sources.Also, we request you all that if you have any further details, you can share it with us by giving your valuable comment about today’s article, What Happened to Weekend Face, and we will be highly obliged to hear from you.

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