What are the CBD Benefits to your Immune System?

What are the CBD Benefits to your Immune System?

CBD Benefits to your Immune System: Several scientific studies on CBD and immune system point to the fact that CBD is immunomodulatory and can promote immune function.

Most people believe that regular exposure to germs is important for us to build up a strong immune system to fight infection. However, there’s a lack of evidence to support this claim. A well-working immune system stops germs from entering the body and kills them when they enter. But what if your immune system is weak and in need of a little boost. For years, researchers have been investigating CBD oil to benefit our system – but could CBD be the answer? Let’s find out in this article.

CBD and Immune System  

Over recent years, we have learned about CBD’s effects on different conditions. Many people are now turning to CBD immune booster to strengthen their immunity. After the outbreak of Covid-19, some people choose CBD immune booster to shield them from the adverse effects of coronavirus. Researchers believe that CBD is effective against COVID-19 variants, which attempt to disrupt the immune system. According to research, CBD is effective against the alpha, beta, and gamma variants as well as the original strain. Nevertheless, there have been no conclusive studies on CBD oil and covid.

We don’t need any CBD immune booster for our immune system to function properly. However, it’s hard to ignore the impact of lifestyle changes on your immunity. Some individuals use CBD products for enhanced sleep particularly if they face challenges in getting proper sleep. This does not imply that CBD can make you immune to disease.  

Does CBD Help Immune System?

Several scientific studies on CBD and immune system point to the fact that CBD is immunomodulatory and can promote immune function.

Various animal studies note that CBD can multiply the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and facilitate the breakdown of pathogens. Most of this experimental evidence stems from healthy animals or cell cultures, suggesting that CBD can balance and boost the immune system in humans.

Surprisingly, the immunosuppressive CBD effects don’t affect the natural killer (NK) cells. These are the primary lymphocytes that battle infections and tumor cells. Therefore, by shielding the activity of NK cells, CBD ensures strong immune health.

Thus, CBD can either suppress or boost the immune system. While this is confusing to understand, let’s shine some light on it. CBD effects are said to be biphasic. This means that the dosage and the capacity of your immune system determine the reaction of CBD in your body.  

Probably the best way in which CBD tinctures could boost our immune system is by improving different other aspects of our mental and physical wellbeing. Our lifestyle highly influences our immune health. When we don’t eat enough or sleep sufficiently, it weakens our immune system. There is solid evidence to suggest that CBD can promote a healthy lifestyle, thus indirectly providing immune support.

Bottom Line

Evidence shows that using CBD can either boost or suppress the immune system. However, a tremendous amount of work still needs to be done. So, be wary of CBD products that claim to support immune function. The science is promising, but we need more studies on CBD and immune system to be certain. Nonetheless, there are numerous benefits of using different types of CBD products for your immune system. For a consistent daily dose, sublingual drops and various edibles are a good option.

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