West Coast Paving Stones (Feb 2021) Check Reviews

West Coast Paving Stones (Feb 2021) Check Reviews

West Coast Paving Stones (Feb 2021) Check Reviews -> This post shares only the best and honest reviews about the company that would help you know why you should hire them.

Are you planning to hire west Coast paving stones for home decor? If yes, then this post is for you. West coast is a popular name in Orange Country, California.

It has been in the paver services for 14 years and providing 3D design services, paver installation, decorative walls, and more in the United States and Canada. But before hiring them, it is crucial to find out their status in the market.

So, let’s go!

What is West Coast paving stones?

When it comes to paver installation, the only name that comes to mind is WCPS. They are the best in the industry for 14 years and well-known for offering the best customer service with quality workmanship. The company includes many experienced designers and masons known to create well-structured designer walls and houses. They have done their job in the right way.

Besides, Darryl Reuter, head of each project, personally inspects working and isn’t on the job.

His attention works best as customers believe they have handed their project in the right hands. You can ask for the best services such as BBQs, Firepits, 3D designing, Fireplaces, and garden walls.

Why should you hire WCPS?

A west coast paving stone is a licensed company that offers a vast range of services without compromising quality. Francisco has built an entire team of professionals who known how to complete their tasks in the best manner. Besides the quality of workmanship, there are many reasons to choose WCPS. So have a look below:

  • They will keep you informed on every growth.
  • They will prepare your walls with care and quality work.
  • They offer their services at a very affordable price.
  • They provide a drug-free policy for everyone, from workers to owners of West coast paving stones.
  • They use Rebar to treat the weak areas of your paving stones.
  • They provide direct contact details of the owner of a company.

What are people saying about it?

Numerous people are taking positive experience with this company. We found over 30 reviews for the website and conclude it is one of the best Paver installation companies in the United States and Canadawith a 4.7-star rating. Each one is recommending the professionalism that the owner of the company has followed.

Also, they have listed workmanship quality and suggestions they offered. We haven’t found negative reviews. However, some have given their advice to become great.


West coast paving stones is best to work with for paver installation, décor, and more artistic work.  Nowadays, for quality craft and affordable paver services in orange country, WCPS is top on every customer list. Currently, they have opened their job interviews for numerous fields.

Here, we also want your opinion on this post. You can write your views in the comment box given below. And if you have experience working with WCPS, don’t forget to share with us.

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