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Wellathome com (Oct) Covid-19 And Flu Care At Home!

Wellathome com 2020
Wellathome com (Oct) Covid-19 And Flu Care At Home! >> This article tells you about a kit you can avail of by signing up for a service for the Covid-19 and Flu treatment.

When you encounter any disease, the first few hours are crucial, and not taking appropriate steps in that time can pose additional risk. With the help of Wellathome com, you can get early treatment if you encounter flu, Coronavirus, or some other disease.

The website has generated moderate traffic in the United States. If you want to know more about its services and other details, please stay tuned and continue reading this article.

What is Wellathome com?

It’s a website offering a free kit for care if you encounter flu or the rapidly spreading Coronavirus at no cost. You have to sign up for a service to get this kit. The website has seen considerable user activity in the United States

They offer many benefits other than the equipment. In addition to the treatments in the kit, you can also quickly contact a doctor. The kit will also allow you to test yourself for the Coronavirus. It claims that the services are free of cost if you fit the eligibility criteria.

Services offered by Wellathome com

The services offered by Wellathome com are impressive, especially because you can avail them at no cost. Let’s take a look at it below:

  • You can get a free kit by merely signing up with this service.
  • This kit will be provided to you at no additional cost.
  • The kit can help if you acquire flu or the Coronavirus, as it contains treatment for flu and a test kit for the Coronavirus.
  • There are eligibility criteria for its services, which can be checked on their official website.
  • An account with United Health needs to be created to use its services.
  • You can save crucial time by diagnosing yourself with the disease and not going to a pharmacy or doctor. 
  • In the Coronavirus case, you can also stop the infection from spreading to others from yourself.
  • Hospitals are crowded these days, and having access to medicine in advance can be beneficial.
  • You’ll lower your chances of hospitalization by quick diagnosis and treatment.

Customer Reviews

The reviews of the services of Wellathome com aren’t available in a significant amount. Although the website claims the customer response to be positive, we cannot find other reviews to confirm this claim. 

On the website, reviews are positive, where users are generally impressed with its services.

Final Verdict

Having this kit at your disposal will be very beneficial, as we have already discussed above. It allows you to be prepared in case you encounter the flu or the Coronavirus. By performing the test, yourself and not visiting a pharmacy or clinic in person, you can eliminate the chance of spreading infection if you turn out to be positive. 

When you first encounter any disease, the first few hours are critical. With the help of Wellathome com and its services, you get early treatment. However, it lacks some popularity, and customer responses are absent. 

Let us know what you think about this website and its services in the comments section below.


    PHONE HOUSE # 1–414-353-4633
    CELL 1-414-430-3102

  2. I signed up and it just kept saying processing so don’t know if it ever went through, and when I try to call I get no answer waiting on the line for 15 minutes.

  3. I think this offer by United Healthcare is fantastic…to have this kit on hand incase of illness and able to call a physican…super. You can’t always get into seeing your primary care when you need. I appreciate the opportunity you are offering to help keep myself well from flu this season and for the covid test if needed. Got my yearly flu shot two weeks ago,this provides extra protection. I previously had cancer and was on chemotherapy for three years…feel better knowing I can help in keeping myself well.

  4. I want to sign my husband and I up but it won’t let me put in my e-mail account or phone number. It says it’s already being used.

  5. The video could have been good if I could have understood her better! You need to have someone who can speak more clearly in English!

  6. Thanks for this offer. I tried to enroll & sign up, since I have received the notification; but I failed .
    Please co nsider me and to please send me those imprtant items.

  7. I can’t tell if all that was required was my name, email and phone in order to get the Tamil and the Covid kit. If this turns out to be just another website to pester me, I’m not impressed. If the Tamil and Covid test get delivered then I’ll be happy.

  8. Have tried calling the number 6 times – on hold for over 20 minutes each time and never have gotten a person to answer – just very bland music for 180 minutes now. How can this program hope to be helpful to anyone???

  9. I have signed up for WellAtHome. I was asked for a mobile phone number. I only have a land phone. Does this mean that I am not eligible to receive a kit, etc.?

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