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Wear The Shield Mask Reviews (August) Can It Be Used?

Wear The Shield Mask Reviews 2020

Wear The Shield Mask Reviews (August) Can It Be Used? >> In this article, you will read about designer ergonomic masks sold online.
With the ongoing worldwide pandemic, it is the safety of ourselves and our loved ones that has become the primary cause of concern. Covid-19 is still blazing like wildfire, and there seems to be no end to it. And thanks to Covid now, we have a mandatory accessory in the form of masks adorning our closet! 

So, today Wear the Shield Mask Reviews brings you a review for a variety of designer masks by Wear the Shield and pretty beautiful ones too!

What is Wear the Shield?

Wear the Shield is a brand-new company that has sprung up during lockdown as a Designer Mask seller. It is a DBA of the well-known Affinity Medwear based out of LA, California, United States.

Wear the Shield Mask Reviews has discovered this company to be holding quite a collection of masks. Apart from the color and design, these masks are made with scientific precision to block contamination by 95%. They are ergonomic and even have an extra filter to help in breathing. The fabric used is a high-performance fabric lined with activated charcoal and Lab certified in the United States, much like the KN95 masks.

But the difference is that Wear the Shield Masks help you make a style statement that is missing is regular medicated masks.

Read on for further details.


  • Website type: Apparel and clothing website selling masks
  • Website link:
  • Social Media link Facebook:
  • Social Media Link Instagram:
  • Area: Only within the United States 
  • Return/Cancellation: Not permissible
  • Refund: Only for damaged products.
  • Shipping: 2-3 business days of purchase
  • Company address: Wear The Shield, DBA of Affinity Medwear, LLC, 727 W. 7th Street, Suite 1119, Los Angeles, California 90017
  • Contact number: Not provided
  • Email address: / /
  • Payment mode: Accepts all cards.

Pros of using Wear the Shield Masks

Based on the products and the reviews following advantages can be ascertained to it:

  • Masks are equipped with ultra-premium 5 Layer PM2.5 filters designed to block contamination by 95%.
  • Ergonomic structure, making it a comfortable fit.
  • Anti-Microbial, Moisture Wicking & UV Protection Guaranteed on each product.
  • The high-performance fabric used, that does not form rolls like cotton masks or chole like polyester. Instead allows free flow of air while keeping contaminants out.
  • The masks are washable.

Cons of Using Wear The Shield Masks:

  • The website came into existence around 08.05.2020.
  • The Facebook page was earlier named “Luv Paws” and was changed on 09.05.2020.
  • There is no phone number.
  • Too many mail ids.
  • The shipping and delivery details provided on the website is very vague.

Is Wear the Shield Masks a Scam?

Wear the Shield Mask Reviews have found a lot of dubious information regarding this product, and the merchant. Firstly, the website is too young. And also, the parent company, though established, suddenly chose to set up a different entity for selling only masks! Pretty fishy.

Secondly, the Facebook Page is a complete fraud. The page was operated as “Luv Paws,” a doggy page until May, and overnight it started selling Masks! There is no contact info on the Facebook page and no link to the actual ordering website. Another suspicious fact is that the page has five admins, three from the United States, while two are operating from the Philippines. 

The tagged section of their Instagram profile is also filled with dog photos!

Thirdly, although the claims regarding the masks are tall and Wear the Shield Mask Reviews agrees that the masks do look good, there is no proof of their Lab Certification. It may just be a cloth stitched together with tall claims! If you want masks to save yourself from the pandemic, stick to the medically approved coloured cotton masks!

What are Customers Saying?

Facebook and Instagram are filled with negative reviews about the website and its products. Reviews state that the masks have a fundamental flaw of a very tight nose ring that sticks hard on the skin, creating calluses. 

Moreover, out of 26 reviews on Facebook, close to half have reported Item not delivered! 

Wear the Shield Mask Reviews also found around five people have found the product helpful!

Our Verdict

Wear the Shield Mask Reviews concludes that this product is a scam, and it is better to find alternatives.

So, people of the United States, do read the article and let us know if it was helpful or not.


  1. These masks are crap. I got the tie dye pack of 3. The nose piece cannot be applied to the mask, there is no opening to insert it into the mask. The “filter” does not even fit inside the masks, it’s too wide! Don’t buy from these scam artists, it’s junk.

  2. I agree, this product is awful. This company has no integrity. I wish I had seen the feedback before we purchased masks. Somehow we are on auto refills for the metal nose bridges and we never requested that. I’m not even sure about the mask itself, it doesn’t breathe. I’m not sure what the material is made out of, but I could get more of a breath if I put a plastic bag over my head. I’m a nurse and have worn a lot of masks and this one is the worst.

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