Way of the Berserker AC Valhalla {Nov 2020} Know Game!

Way of the Berserker AC Valhalla {Nov 2020} Know Game!

Way of the Berserker AC Valhalla {Nov 2020} Know Game! >> Excited to play AC Valhalla game & know how to unlock the berserker in your inventory, read this.

Many games are launching in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. In this article, we will share a review of a new game that was launched on the 10th of November. 

The article is on the game ‘Way of the Berserker AC Valhalla.’ The game is of historic England but different from the AC Syndicate. In this article, we will share how to install the latest AC franchise.

What is ac Valhalla?

Valhalla is the new setting in the game of AC. This new setting has the background of London, and many new characters are set up. The players will play as eivor, who is looking forward to expanding his Kingdom. The players can play as male eivor or female eivor. The main aim of the player is to find a new land as home.

The ‘Way of the Berserker AC Valhalla’ is available on Xbox One, PC, Xbox series x, stadia, and PlayStation 4. Within a week, you will find this game on PlayStation 5 as well.  

Background of the game:

The game has two parties, that is the Vikings and Assassins. The game is about the battle and low rates between the two parties. In the battle, the players can, use axes, use different weapons, and the classic hidden blade is also a part of Eivor war capabilities.

The game is famous in many countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Base management of the game:

The role of eivor in Way of the Berserker AC Valhalla’ is to find land for his Kingdom and make it his home. The players can choose the costume hair and accessories of the eivor character, and you can also build many buildings like smithies and barracks.  

Eivor and his team can also ink themselves from the tattoo parlor. There is an option of romance for all the players, and they will find suitable matches in the game. 

What is the ritual of berserker?

The Assassin’s creed Valhalla is also known as berserker’s ritual, and in this, the player needs to visit the graveyard and collect nightshades. 

Once you collect nightshade, you move ahead towards the gallows-tree, and suddenly a bear will attack you, and you need to fight with the bear without the weapons.

What is berserker gear, and how to unlock it?

The final edition of the ‘Way of the Berserker AC Valhalla’ is the berserker gear pack, which will be accessible only when you reach the village with Sigurd and roam around in that area. In the path, you will talk to many people, including the blacksmith and many more people. Finally, you will talk to Sigurd’s wife, and a pop-up will appear saying the Kingdom is happy as eivor returns.

Once you meet all the people and return to the Kingdom, the berserker gear will unlock, and you will have access to the hood helmet, armor, hood cloak, breaches, braces, bearded ax, and guard light shield.


The final line on ‘Way of the Berserker AC Valhalla’ says that the article is all about the game AC Valhalla and how the Kingdom is happy when you wore returns to his claim after roaming around different villages and talking to many people. We can unlock the berserker gear after talking to the wife of Sigurd. 

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