Washingoal Com Reviews (Jan) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Washingoal Com Reviews (Jan) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Washingoal Com Reviews (Jan) Is This Genuine Or Scam? >> Please click on this link to check the review of a multi-product selling website and let us conclude its legitimacy.

Need authentic details of Washingoal com before buying a product? Washingoal com Reviews is there to guide you best.

We brought expensive products to homes such as laptops, sofa, furniture, or clothes, but we often forget they also need extensive care. Therefore, Washingoal is a collective solution to sell items used to wash the products available at your home. From vacuum cleaner, lids cleanser to spider catcher, the website delivers some attractive DIY things. 

Based in the United States, Washingoal claims to supply products worldwide. Around 90 percent of the products listed there are available at half due to black Friday and Christmas season. Well, we never recommend our readers to order before checking the validity of the store. 

Consequently, Let us find out doing shopping on the Washingoal is a wise decision or not through its reviews.

A Brief Introduction of Washingoal com

Considering the Washingoal com Reviews, Washingoal supplies everything used to clean the products, floor, carpets, utensils at home. Cleaning brushes, spider catcher, mini vacuum cleaner, shoe eraser, or washing machine cleaning expert are a few scrubber lists that you will find on the portal. 

Along with these products, You can also order Multi-seasonal LED lights, Fire Christmas tree ornaments, Musical wind chimes, or solar Lanterns for the Christmas decoration purpose. 

It also provides self-used items such as blankets, lockets, necklaces, warm socks, and much more.

Important Specifications

  • Website address: www.washingoal.com.
  • Products: Washing items, accessories, clothes and DIY. 
  • Email: support@washingoal.com
  • Portal domain registration date: 15-09-2020.
  • Store location: 3105 Russell Rd, Centralia 98531, Washington, United States
  • Store open day and timings: Monday to Saturday (9 am to 6 pm EST)
  • Delivery time: 5 to 10 business days. (Regional)
  • International Delivery time: one to two weeks.
  • Payment criteria: Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.
  • Refunds: Provided. 
  • Refund amount credit time: 10 to 15 business days (Depend upon customer’s bank). 
  • Returns and exchange: Given if the ordered item is in original condition.

Washingoal com Reviews report assembled some advantages and disadvantages which you should read before reaching final interpretation

Pros of the Washingoal com

  • Buy good quality wash scrubbers at reasonable rates.
  • Enjoy beautiful decoration hacks and several gift options for your loved ones.
  • Get fifty percent special offer on all the products at this moment. 
  • The company use SSL technology, so it ensures secure credit card dealing. 
  • It permits you to return the products if not satisfied with the order, or the product is wrong or defective.

Cons of the Washingoal com

  • Washingoal could not even complete six months. It is 79 days old. Thus, it is incredibly suspicious to call it trustable.
  • The customer has to pay a shipping fee for returning the parcel.
  • No refunds if the product is lost in transit.
  • No product reviews on the official portal, review sites, and internet research. 
  • The webstore has not shared the important particulars of the site owner. 
  • No customer contact service number for direct dealings.
  • No appearance over Social media platforms.

Washingoal com Reviews from customers

There is no customer reviews found on the company’s official e-commerce portal. We tried hard to locate the buyers’ opinions on the internet, apart from reviewer sites; we didn’t get the product-related remarks. Even Facebook or Instagram pages are not displaying data of the store or its products. 

The webstore is new as well. It might be the reason it has not able to capture the attention of the general public online.

Final Views

To wrap up Washingoal com Reviews, we’d like to add again the same thing the site lacks in too many things: incomplete website details, hidden owner information, non-availability on social sites, and zero feedback from customers. But, still, we can’t declare it as a scam entirely. 

The portal is launched on 15-09-2020. It’s been only three months since that e-store has come into existence. We thought we should give it at least six months. If we ask for our outlook on the shopping from Washingoal com, we must say we will not buy any product. It is not fulfilling the basic terminology of legitimacy stated in the ‘cons.’ 

The internet has too many valid e-commerce shopping portals. Please choose your requisite products from there, at least, they provide payment security proof. 

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0 thoughts on “Washingoal Com Reviews (Jan) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

  1. Definitely scam. I placed an order, paid via Paypal. Payment was processed but no contact from the company…no shipping, no notification, not even a confirmation of the order I had placed. Raised a dispute with Paypal as soon as I discovered reviews on sites like this one. Refund was processed the very next day.

  2. Washingoal (which also calls itself Washing Goal and Shelby Brothers, Inc.) advertised Christmas products extensively this winter. I ordered a couple of items, but it soon became clear that they had no ability or intention to deliver any items in time for Christmas, even as they continued to constantly advertise for more Christmas orders. Their products were not on hand, but were in fact made to order, and then literally shipped on the slow boat from China. But wait, there’s more. They weren’t actually in the mail when they left China. They then spent a week or two at a DHL sorting facility before being turned over to the post office for delivery. My Christmas order finally arrived today, January 9th. The products lacked the required button batteries to operate the lights (a type of battery most people will not have on hand). The products (2020 flickering dumpster fire ornaments) did not match the photos, and once batteries were installed, the lights did not flicker. So, this company does exist, and does send products, but they are both deceptive in both marketing and quality.

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