Warzone Error Dev Error 5476 (Dec 2020) Fix It Now!


Warzone Error Dev Error 5476 (Dec 2020) Fix It Now! >> Do you want to sort out the Warzone error? Then, scroll down to the article.

After troubling the Worldwide players of Call of Duty Warzone in early November, it seems that the Dev Error 5476 bug has returned, preventing many players from entering into the Season One Actions.

Infinity Warfare and Raven Software have failed to address the error, but many avid gamers have come forth with a quick and easy fix for Warzone Error Dev Error 5476.Call of Duty of the game series that is attracting a large group of people. The game encounters a variety of errors and issues, of which the Dev Error 5476 is common. 

What is Warzone Error Dev Error 5476?

The Modern Warzone and Warfare are the same application, and Dev Error 5476 is the recent Modern Warfare patch that prevents the battle royale game from functioning properly. So, Dev Error 5476 is not a hardware error or a bug with long term effects on consoles. The Dev Error 5476 tends to appear randomly on the Warzone, Warfare, and Cold War Multiplayer game. It tends to appear during server outages or instability in the game. 

Fortunately, a community of avid gamers has come forth with a quick fix to solve the Warzone Error Dev Error 5476. Gamers of Call of Duty from Worldwide use the quick fix to the error and enjoy the game. Players are required to do minor changes in their calling card and emblem to fix the error. Players must avoid setting their emblems and calling cards random as there is a higher chance of facing the error in such a scenario.

How to Fix the Warzone Error Dev Error 5476?

As mentioned, the Dev Error 5476 randomly appears in the Call of Duty series of Modern Warzone, Warfare, and Cold War multiplayer games. It appears mainly during the instability in the game and server outages. But, there are fixes available to overcome such errors. 

The Dev Error 5476 appears when the players have set their emblems and calling cards to random. So, players must set their calling cards and emblems to other than random to fix the error code. 

If the error is due to server outages, the players may face issues between the game when the server is down. So, in that case, the players have no option other than waiting until the server resumes. The error will only go when the developer solves the issues. 

If you face the Warzone Error Dev Error 5476 next time, you have to change your calling cards and emblem settings. You can set the emblem to a new and calling card to others instead of random to fix the error.     

Are These Fixes are Workable?

Until any office patch is available on all the platforms, players have no option other than trying the mentioned fixes for the Warzone Error Dev Error 5476

Despite trying the fixes, some players are not getting the desired results, and hence these are not the guaranteed fixes for the Dev Error 5476. So, players who are facing the error while playing need to wait until it is fixed. 


Dev Error 5476 is the common bug that Call of Duty players usually face when the server is down or when their calling card and emblem is set to random. However, there are some quick fixes available, but results are not guaranteed. Players may try these fixes to see if it works for their situation or wait until the developer releases any official patch. If you have anything to add about the Warzone Error Dev Error 5476, please write it down in the comment section.

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