Walksafe App Trafficking Uk (March) Is It Safe To Use?

Walksafe App Trafficking Uk (March) Is It Safe To Use?

Walksafe App Trafficking Uk (March) Is It Safe To Use? >> Go through the article below if you Want to know the app and the various features that it provides the users and also about the unique options.

Are you aware of the women’s safety app that is trending nowadays? Well, you can know about the same through the content mentioned below.

Walksafe App Trafficking Uk shows that the app recently has seen a download of more than 300,000 within a week. The app is usable on both IOS. 

It is seen that the app had fewer downloads earlier in the United Kingdom, but within few days download of this app has increased. Stay tuned till the end to know more about the app.

What is the news about?

There are a lot of recent developments in the app. These are being noticed on the internet, and there are a lot of social media updates regarding the same as well. The app is being downloaded a lot, and it has recently marked the reported incidents in the regions. 

It is essential to know Is Walksafe Safe, and the results show that all the danger zones are marked in the app, which helps understand the better and safer route to reach home.

The co-founder, Emma Kay, mentions that the experiences have inspired her to support this app. Many incidents occur nowadays, making it essential for the users to have access to such an app.

The location is traced through the app, and if the person does not reach home in the specified time that it usually takes, it notifies the contacts regarding the trouble.

Important points regarding Walksafe App Trafficking Uk:

  • There is an essential feature in the app which traces the location of the users.
  • Moreover, there is a safe tap option. This option is also known as the emergency feature. Through this feature, all the emergency contacts are notified regarding the location of the user.
  • For this, the users need to keep taping their screen, and if there is a particular instance where the screen is not tapped there, the app will use the feature.
  • Furthermore, the users can also check others, and the app will send a notification automatically when the person reaches the destination. 

Views of people regarding Walksafe App Trafficking Uk:

As per our research, we find that many people like the app. And it is regarded as a personal safety app. Moreover, the app is being downloaded every 10 minutes at rates of 1000. 

The United Kingdom people find the app very useful as it helps trace the crime hotspot and gives alerts to the people regarding these locations.

Furthermore, the app’s ratings on the App store are very high, and the people like the safe home feature.

The bottom line:

We find that the app is a handy feature that is useful and easily accessible.  Thus, we recommend the users download the app and use it for their safety purposes.

What kinds of apps do you prefer? Do mention your views regarding the Walksafe App Trafficking Uk.

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