Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit [Oct 2020] All Details!

Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit [Oct 2020] All Details!

Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit [Oct 2020] All Details! >> The write-up is to educate the readers about the appraisal lawsuit and the payment they are eligible for. 

Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit: Recently, some of the action viewers have received checks on their email from the countrywide class action settlement, and the check worth as much as $127. It is the payment for all those who have filed a claim in the United States for the land appraisal. 

Many action viewers have received the cheque and have no idea from where they got the cheque. The cheque seems to be from the countrywide class action for the settlement, and now the petitioners want to know if they are eligible to become the beneficiary of the settlement. 

Every year millions of dollars are unclaimed. In many cases, the money is delivered back to the complaints, and hence it is the chance for them to get at least $25 for a lawsuit that was started years ago, which they might have forgotten. Below you will come across with comprehensive details and Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit Update.      

About the Lawsuit

The Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit is between a countrywide financial corporation and Barbara Waldrup. More than one plaintiff was involved in the lawsuit, including Barbara Waldrup, Rebecca Murphy, Beckie Reaster, and Elizabeth Williams. All of them filed two lawsuits against the countrywide financial corporation in 2013 and 2016. 

The plaintiffs have mentioned that they have applied for a mortgage loan from the corporation and other affiliate entities in the complaint. The corporation and other entities have declared a property appraisal from LSA, and they have been charged for those appraisals.

The plaintiffs have complained that the appraisals were not legitimate as the plaintiffs were not prepared in the traditional values of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. The plaintiffs also said that they would have paid off the property appraisal fees if they knew it. 

Who is eligible for the Lawsuit?

There were two classes of class action viewers who are considered to get compensation. The lawsuit would benefit those who are eligible citizens of the United States and filed a lawsuit for property appraisal between Jan 2003 and Dec 2008. All members charged for appraisal with the Landsafe for a mortgage loan from Countrywide and other entities are eligible. It is a nationwide class.

A Texas class includes all the people who have received the property appraisal from the Landsafe against the mortgage loan between Jan 2003 and Dec 2008. You may check for more Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit Update.         

The certification of claims for the class action viewers comprises the claim for the suspected violation of the Corrupt Organizations Act and Federal Racketeer Influenced Act on behalf of the nationwide class actions. For the Texas class, there is a claim for unfair enrichment under common laws. 

Let us move ahead and conclude this post on Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit.

Final Thought 

All payments for the claims would be sent to the eligible members of the class action in their mail from the 10th of Oct 2020 till Nov. 

So, you need to keep checking your mail to know if you have received any notification or emails for your eligibility for receiving the cheque for the Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit

Keep checking for more updates, and if you have anything to add, please write it down in the comment section.

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  1. I received a check but it was made out to my husband and the bank wouldn’t except it. Vincent Ebbitt has been deceased for 13 years. Please send a check to Lynette Ebbitt . $71.97 check
    Lynette Ebbitt
    Tracking #: 978206 Check # 1945694 Thank you for your consideration

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