Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit Scam (Nov 2020) Reviews.

Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit Scam (Nov 2020) Reviews.

Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit Scam (Nov 2020) Reviews. >> In this article, you will come to know of it as a legitimate source or a possible scam. 

Do you want to identify if Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit Scam or legitDo you wish to know if you satisfy the guidelines of the “Settlement Agreement”? Are you confused if you will be issued a check for the desired Settlement? If so, then keep up reading. In this article, you will read about a website in the United State that helps you inform about your rights in connection with the Settlement and notify you of a Court hearing about granting Final Approval of the Settlement. 

After reading throughout, you will also be able to interpret if Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit Scam true? 

What is the Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit website for? 

The Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit website gives information in connection to your rights with the Settlement. The website helps people by acquainting people about their Legal Rights and alternatives to get the Settlement.

The Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit settles lawsuits for prospects who were made to pay for fake appraisals. The appraisals are found illegitimate because they did not comply with the benchmarks of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

According to the USPAP, the appraisals are executed competently and independently. However, Countrywide disobeyed these precepts by charging fees around $300 and $500 from loan applicants without attaining the appraisals in a form of question.

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What is Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit?

Elizabeth Williams, Rebecca Murphy, Plaintiffs Barbara Waldrup, and Beckie Remaster filed two lawsuits against Countrywide (2013 and 2016). In their objections, claimants asserted that they applied for home mortgage Loans from Countrywide that sanctioned a property appraisal from LSA. 

For which they charged Plaintiff’s fees for appraisals. Claimants argued that the assessments were not reasonable as they did not align to Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Also, they said that they wouldn’t have paid the appraisal fees if they were earlier informed about it. 

Who is a class member according to the Settlement Agreement? 

To know if Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit Scam’ was real, we read the settlement agreement given on the site. We came to know that to be a class member; you must conform to the following criteria : 

  • If you (from January 1, 2003, to December 31, 2008) brought in a mortgage Loan application to Countrywide, you are a Class Member in connection with which LSA obtained an appraisal.
  • It also includes all individuals who inquired, revealed an interest in, or applied for a loan from Countrywide during the period so long as LSA collected an appraisal about it.
  • According to Defendant’s records, people receiving a mail regarding Postcard Notice about the proposed Settlement fulfill these criteria, and are a Class Member.

What will the Settlement provide? 

The Settlement will provide Class Members with an estimated 22 % compensation of the Countrywide appraisal fees paid. For e.g., they were using an approximate percentage of 22 %. A Class Member who gave $500 in payments will receive an amount of $110.

However, according to the settlement documents, the specific percentage figured may be increased or lowered. 

If there isn’t adequate data about the appraisal to a prospect, then the Countrywide settlement compensation will be $25.

Final Verdict: 

People found the Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit website to be a useful source as they could gather all necessary information regarding the Settlement on the website. 

Also, the information found on the website was accurate and reliable. It helped many people to get the right information. Thus, it seems to be a legitimate source. 

Accordingly, the Waldrup Williams Appraisal Lawsuit Scam is not real. 

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